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Welcome to K-POP Idol Producer Mod! Step into the role of a producer, managing a new idol group and bringing their dreams to life. Select talented trainees and shape them into a sensational idol group, assigning roles like lead singer, rapper, dancer, leader, and center. Design album concepts and stage costumes to keep your idols trendy, increase their popularity through schedules and promotions, and watch their fanbase grow. Build and decorate your own company, capture stunning pictures with your idols, and challenge yourself to top the charts with albums and awards. Enter the exhilarating world of K-POP with K-POP Idol Producer Mod!

Features of K-POP Idol Producer Mod:

* Fulfill Your Idol Producer Dream: With the K-POP Idol Producer Mod, you have the opportunity to live out your dream of being a music producer. Take charge of a new idol group, manage their careers, and make crucial decisions that will shape their success.

* Train and Develop Talented Idols: Selecting trainees with potential is just the beginning. As the producer, you have the power to nurture their skills and designate their roles within the group. From lead singer to rapper, dancer to leader, and center, it's up to you to guide their growth and create a well-rounded team.

* Create Trendsetting Idols: Be the creative force behind your idol group's image. From brainstorming album concepts to designing stage costumes, you have the freedom to make your idols stand out from the crowd. Explore different styles, experiment with visuals, and make sure your idols are on the forefront of the industry's trends.

* Gain Popularity through Strategic Promotions: Success in the K-POP world requires more than just talent. You'll need to strategically plan schedules and promotions to increase your idols' popularity. The more fans they gather, the more opportunities they'll have, helping your group reach new heights.

* Customize and Decorate Your Company: Create a unique and visually stunning company by building and decorating it to your liking. Show off your style and creativity by arranging hundreds of fashion items and accessories, and take memorable pictures with your idols in their fully adorned environment.


* Can I choose the trainees for my idol group?

As the producer, you have the freedom to select the trainees based on their talent and potential. It's your responsibility to identify the individuals who will excel in different roles within the group.

* How can I increase my idols' popularity?

To increase your idols' popularity, you need to carefully plan their schedules and promotions. Engage with fans through social media, organize fan meetings, and ensure your group has a strong presence in the industry.

* Can I customize the album concept and stage costumes?

Absolutely! You have full control over the album concept and stage costumes. Let your creativity shine by designing unique and trendsetting visuals that will capture the attention of fans and industry professionals.

* Can I compete for year-end awards?

Yes, you can! By releasing albums, training your idols, and gaining popularity, you'll have a chance to compete for prestigious year-end awards. Work hard to showcase your group's talent and secure recognition in the industry.


In the fast-paced and competitive world of K-POP, the K-POP Idol Producer Mod provides the ultimate opportunity for music enthusiasts and dreamers. Through this app, you can step into the shoes of a producer, build and manage your idol group, and navigate the challenges and rewards of the industry. With the ability to train and develop your idols, create trendsetting visuals, increase popularity through strategic promotions, and personalize your company, this immersive experience offers endless excitement and possibilities. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of K-POP and make your idol group shine!