Dice Dreams
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Welcome to Dice Dreams, the ultimate dice board game! Join millions of players from around the world in this magical adventure. Roll the dice on the board, collect golden coins to build your own epic kingdom, and become the Dice King! Play for free with friends, challenge players from your social network, and steal coins from other boards to show them who's the real Dice Dream King. Invite your Facebook friends to join in on the fun and protect your treasure as you move up in levels. Help Bob and his friends restore their kingdom and become the ultimate champion of Dice Dreams. Start playing now and embark on this exciting journey to conquer the dice board game!

Features of Dice Dreams:

Roll the dice on the magical board to win golden coins and build your epic kingdom.

Play for free with friends from around the world and enjoy a variety of kingdoms.

Steal from other boards to show everyone who's the Dice Dream King.

Invite your Facebook friends to join the fun and become the master of the dice boards.

Protect your treasure and build the most magical kingdom.

Raid your enemies or friends, earn gold, and become the master of the dice board game.


Join millions of players worldwide in the captivating and thrilling world of Dice Dreams. With exciting features like rolling the dice to win coins, building your empire, and stealing from other boards, this app offers endless fun and challenges. Invite your friends, protect your kingdom, and embark on an epic adventure to become the ultimate Dice Dreams champion. Don't wait any longer – download now and start building your dream empire!



  • 2nd edit: I see the devs respond with the same response for the entire history of this game. No you're not working on it
    2024-07-15 02:40:00
  • I purchased a specific pack, and the game gave me the wrong rewards. I was supposed to get 200 pet tokens, and 160 rolls; that was the whole reason I purchased the package that I did. Instead, they game crashed. Edit: The support team helped me!! They got me the pet tokens and sent me some extra dice for my inconvenience!! Other than the issue with purchases, this game is a blast!!!
    2024-07-14 19:18:49
  • I have never played a more annoying game. It's set up so that you can play it as an idle game. Turn on auto roll and you should be able to leave it until you run out of tolls but nooo every two minutes there's a stupid pop up or mini game. I would make more sense to do all the mini games once you're out of tolls. And don't even get me started on the number of popups when you first open the game before it lets you play. Today I counted no less than 10. It's absolutely ridiculous
    2024-07-14 14:54:51
  • It was a good game, but recently it's glitching at the worst times. Just as I'm getting coins or more dice rolls rewarded it freezes and I don't get them. Or it told an attack and I change the target and it freezes. I have to restart and.lose everything. Things are still moving on the screen sometimes, but I can't push buttons or play. Nothing happens until I restart the phone and then I lose rewards. Will wait until the next update before playing again.
    2024-07-13 23:56:15
  • Too many pop-ups for it's own good. First log in of the day, you get bombarded with them, then of course when you run out of dice rolls you get pop-up "offers" to spend more money. Also there's too many challenges going on at once, all with their own pop-up reminders to spend more. They're all laid out on the home screen and I once counted 19 different offer/challenge icons at once.
    2024-07-13 19:10:22
  • Easy game to play. I don't really understand what it's all about. But I guess simple minds need simple stimulation. Way to many pop ups on things they sale. I'm not going to buy anything. When you start app up your waiting for over a dozen information ad's to pop up. I'm using my phone so screen is small. Everytime I turn around the game is putting more stuff on the screen. So it makes it hard to see. But game is entertaining to say the least. Linda
    2024-07-13 02:58:07