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Immerse yourself in the whimsical and hilarious world of Stupidella, where laughter and logic collide! Created by the brilliant minds behind the widely acclaimed Troll Face Quest series, this game is the ultimate adventure that promises non-stop fun and brain-teasing challenges. Embark on Stupidella's absurd escapades and meet an array of quirky characters, from clumsy knights to love-struck skeletons, all while unraveling an entertaining storyline filled with rib-tickling jokes. With its ingenious puzzles and unexpected surprises, Stupidella is a visual feast with captivating graphics that bring the wacky universe to life. Whether you're a casual gamer or a puzzle enthusiast, this game will provide hours of laughter and enjoyment. Download today and get ready to laugh, think, and conquer the most whimsical puzzles imaginable!

Features of Stupidella:

Laugh-Out-Loud Storyline: This app takes you on a rib-tickling adventure, where each level unfolds a new joke and introduces you to a cast of eccentric characters. From clumsy knights to love-struck skeletons, the humorous storyline will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Ingenious Puzzles: Get ready to challenge your problem-solving skills with a variety of mind-bending puzzles. This app cleverly combines humor and logic, making it perfect for fans of puzzle games, brain teasers, and logic challenges.

World of Wacky Surprises: In it's universe, expect the unexpected. Each stage is filled with surprising twists and turns, blending comedy and clever gameplay. You'll never know what hilarious situations you'll encounter next!

Captivating Graphics: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and visually stunning world. With colorful animations and captivating graphics, each level of Stupidella is a visual feast that brings the zany world to life.

Tips for Users:

Pay attention to the details: It's puzzles often hide crucial hints within the scenery or dialogue. Take your time to observe and analyze each level, as the key to solving the puzzle may be hidden in plain sight.

Think outside the box: Don't limit yourself to conventional thinking. This app challenges you to come up with creative and unconventional solutions. Be open-minded and try different approaches to overcome the puzzles.

Embrace the humor: This app is all about having a good laugh. Don't take it too seriously and enjoy the absurdity of the game. Let the humor guide you, and you'll find yourself having a blast while solving the puzzles.


Embarking on the ultimate adventure with Stupidella is a guarantee for laughter, challenges, and surprises. With its laugh-out-loud storyline, ingenious puzzles, wacky surprises, captivating graphics, and user-friendly gameplay, this game stands out in the puzzle game genre. Whether you're a fan of brain games or in need of a good laugh, this app offers a unique gaming experience that combines the best of puzzle, adventure, and humor games. Join Stupidella in her hilarious world and let her hilarious escapades entertain and challenge you.