Merge Plants – Monster Defense Mod

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Get ready to defend your garden from a swarm of hilarious yet brain-addicted zombies in this captivating idle merge game. Merge Plants – Monster Defense Mod allows you to grow badass plants that will help you fight off the relentless hoard. Merge different plants and flowers to unlock new crops and build a strong squad. Strategize your moves to combat the array of zombies that will stop at nothing to invade your home. With simple controls and no need to spend a dime, this game is both fun to play and rewarding. So, start merging plants, defending your garden, and shooting down zombies before they reach the finish line!

Features of Merge Plants – Monster Defense Mod:

Merge crops: Combine different plants and flowers to unlock new and powerful crops that will aid in your defense against the zombie invasion.

Strategy planning: Develop a tactical plan to combat the hordes of zombies that are determined to invade your home. Merge plants quickly to strengthen your defense.

Addictive gameplay: Enjoy a fun and engaging gaming experience that is easy to play and control. This idle merge game allows you to achieve great results even when you're not actively playing.

Free to play: No need to spend any money, just invest your time and enjoy the game. Everyone can experience the excitement and rewards of defending against zombies.

Boost power: Enhance the abilities of your plants by using the Super Boost feature. Increase their power and attack speed to ensure you defeat all the zombies in your path.

Exciting challenge: Shoot down the zombies before they reach the finish line and destroy your home. Defending against these brain-hungry monsters will keep you hooked and entertained.


Merge Plants – Monster Defense Mod offers a thrilling experience for both fans of zombie defense and merge plants idle games. Merge crops, plan your strategy, and defend your home against the relentless zombie invasion. With its addictive gameplay and simple controls, this free-to-play app guarantees hours of fun. Download now and join the adventure of growing badass plants and defeating zombies!



  • this is great but it keeps me everytime or 5 min always a ads pop up into my screen it's annoying but the plants is super duper op and the most amazing part is when you merge a plant one by one it level the strength and i love the plants sometimes i get angry on the zombies yeah so i would give it a four star bye
    2024-07-15 18:18:20
  • Game was poorly created, Very repetitive and no breaks in between rounds. As you can buy a pack to remove ads there's still a lot of ads to watch just to progress unless you buy gems and coins. I'm stuck on stage 13 unless i buy a boost pack. This game definitely is just out for the money. Definitely will be deleting the game.
    2024-07-15 02:26:56
  • Honestly, I like the game. But there's only one problem at this game. The tutorial is show at this game about the how to delete the plant. And i accidentally tap the Trash can then its dissapear, so im stuck at the game, I cant touch anything. This game has show the bug. And btw i'm trying to Connect my account at the facebook or googleplay but there's no Option about that. So how can i save my current account if i Left in this game. Just example.Pls add the connect option and fix the bug here.
    2024-07-12 19:44:06
  • In order to encourage player to watch advs, purposely to force player wait for few second for each round, time consume for waiting
    2024-07-12 12:19:10
  • I have given 5 stars at first. Now gone down to 3. I enjoyed the game very much, but at chapter 3 there are no new zombies, just the same one over and over again and even the plants get recycled from lvl 61. Pretty disapointing. As of the makers have given up to put a afford in the game. Edit: from stage 10 hawaii they have new zombies again.
    2024-07-11 18:36:01
  • That was a Plants and Zombies Rip-off, some parts are similar to cookie run kingdom (the game that I play) , the game has many ads and zombies are hard to beat. it's an app that popped up while I was playing merge miners. I don't think that's a good idea to have to many ads, because people complaining about it! Also the game let's you wait and wait for the rewards, the game is meant to have fun, but this is different, This is so wrong is different levels. Devs, please fix this, Thank you devs!
    2024-07-11 14:49:13