This is the Only Level

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Ba Minh Phan
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Are you ready to test your IQ and see just how smart you really are? With our app, you can challenge your brain with 30 stages of mind-boggling tests. Say goodbye to boredom as you immerse yourself in the world of "This is the Only Level" and prove your metagaming glory. Help the elephant beat the level and overcome a variety of challenges using your gaming knowledge and dexterity. It's time to think outside the box and take your mind for a walk or grab a bite to eat, but don't forget to beat the level. Get ready to put your brain to the ultimate test!

Features of This is the Only Level:

Challenging Brain Teasers: "Test your IQ" features 30 tests, each designed to challenge your brain and test your problem-solving skills. With a variety of puzzles and challenges, you'll never get bored.

Unique Gameplay: This app offers a fresh and innovative gameplay experience. The elephant character adds a fun and quirky element, while the metagaming aspect brings a new level of excitement to the game.

Keen Knowledge of Gaming: To succeed in "Test your IQ," you need to utilize your gaming knowledge. This app is perfect for gaming enthusiasts who want to put their skills to the test.

Outside-the-Box Thinking: Get ready to think outside the box! "Test your IQ" encourages players to expand their minds and come up with creative solutions to overcome the challenges.

Tips for Users:

Pay Attention to Details: Sometimes, the solution lies in the smallest details. Take your time to carefully observe your surroundings and analyze any hints or clues provided.

Think Backwards: Don't be afraid to think outside the norm. Sometimes, solving a puzzle requires reversing your thinking process or approaching it from a different perspective.

Utilize Trial and Error: If you're stuck on a particular level, don't give up! Experiment with different strategies and approaches until you find the solution. Sometimes, it's all about trial and error.


This is the Only Level is a captivating app that will put your brain to the ultimate test. With its challenging brain teasers, unique gameplay, and emphasis on out-of-the-box thinking, this app is perfect for those seeking a mental challenge. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or simply enjoy solving puzzles, This is the Only Levei offers a refreshing and engaging experience. So get ready to flex your brain muscles and embark on an exciting journey through 30 mind-bending stages.