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Welcome to Miniforce World Mod, the ultimate gaming experience for fans of the popular Miniforce animation! Join the brave warriors in battling evil under Zenos's command as a Miniforce M-03G member. Customize your avatar with diverse outfits and the legendary X suit. Beyond combat, explore vibrant community features like the Plaza, where you can hang out with friends, use exclusive Miniforce emojis, and set up your own hangouts. Embark on adventures across various locations, uncover secrets, and enjoy thrilling mini-games including action battles, scroll challenges, obstacle courses, and card duels. Immerse yourself in the world of Miniforce and save the planet in Miniforce World Mod!

Features of Miniforce World Mod:

* Miniforce Animation Game: Immerse yourself in the world of Miniforce through this game, where you can experience the thrilling adventures of the brave warriors who fight against villains to protect the planet.

* Avatar Design: Create your own unique avatar with a personalized design. Experiment with different outfits and styles to make your avatar stand out from the crowd. Don't forget to try out the iconic Miniforce X suit!

* Community Interaction: Step out into the Plaza and meet new people. Chat, make friends, and even set up a tent to host gatherings with your friends. Use cute Miniforce emojis to express yourself and enhance your interactions.

* Local Exploration: Embark on exciting adventures to explore new worlds within the game. From the sea and fishing grounds to the playground and school, there are hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Join forces with your friends and uncover these mysteries together.

* Various Minigames: Choose your favorite character and engage in entertaining minigames. Fight against Zenos in a belt-actions scroll, test your reflexes and agility in Miniforce Shooting, and challenge yourself to achieve the highest score in Miniforce Run. Additionally, put your memory skills to the test in Miniforce Memory.

Tips for Users:

* Customize Your Avatar: Make your avatar truly unique by experimenting with different clothing combinations. Go beyond ordinary outfits and create a standout look.

* Socialize in the Plaza: Take advantage of the community features by interacting with other players in the Plaza. Use the Miniforce emojis to add a touch of fun to your conversations.

* Collaborate with Friends: Team up with your friends and embark on adventures to explore new worlds together. Collaboration and teamwork can help you uncover hidden secrets.

* Master the Minigames: Practice makes perfect, so spend some time mastering the various minigames. Improve your reflexes, agility, and memory skills to achieve high scores and unlock rewards.


Experience the excitement of the Miniforce animated series through the Miniforce World Mod game. Create your own avatar, interact with other players in the community, and embark on thrilling adventures to discover new worlds. With various minigames to test your skills and customization options to make your avatar unique, there's no shortage of entertainment in this game. Join the Miniforce M-03G and become a part of the team that protects the planet from the villainous Zenos. Download Miniforce World Mod now and experience the adventure firsthand!



  • A good game and very excellent work
    2024-07-13 12:58:48
  • Miniforce is the best game in the world
    2024-07-13 04:31:30
  • Hello I like miniforce game but they are frient
    2024-07-12 20:39:38
  • If offline game is better
    2024-07-12 03:23:21
  • Only two modes Don't ever download this game
    2024-07-11 05:16:07
  • Well lucy and ipas are my favorites thank you Abagael Hays,
    2024-07-10 23:59:04