Drag'n'Boom Mod

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Roar into action as a rebellious teenage dragon in Drag'n'Boom Mod! This unique mobile game will have you burning everything in your path and stealing all the gold you can find. With the left side of the screen controlling your movement and the right side letting you spit fireballs, you'll be able to unleash your flames in style. Unlock new powers, launch your enemies into the air, and perform explosive routines to become the ultimate dragon. With 50 levels and a never-ending world, there's no shortage of fun in this old-school arcade game. So grab your dragon wings and get ready to hoard gold like never before!

Features of Drag'n'Boom Mod:

⭐ Fun Arcade Gameplay: Drag'n'Boom Mod provides a classic arcade gaming experience with a mix of speed and precision. It brings back the nostalgia of old-school games while incorporating modern graphics and mechanics.

⭐ Imaginary Medieval Universe: Step into a medieval world filled with heroes, reminiscent of the greatest arcade and platform games of all time. Explore vibrant and detailed levels that capture the essence of the medieval era.

⭐ 50 Levels and Endless World: Enjoy a variety of challenges and adventures with over 50 levels to conquer. Additionally, the endless world ensures that the fun never stops as you continue to explore and overcome new obstacles.

⭐ Power Progression: Collect gold throughout the game to increase your dragon's power. The more gold you hoard, the stronger and more formidable your dragon becomes, allowing you to take on even greater challenges.

⭐ Stylish Moves and Combos: Use your newfound powers to unleash stylish moves and devastating combos. Launch your enemies into the air, perform impressive routines, and blow away your friends' scores.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Master Precision: Utilize the slow-motion effect to your advantage, allowing you to shoot fireballs with extreme accuracy. Take your time to aim and time your attacks for maximum damage.

⭐ Strategize Your Movements: Plan your movements carefully to avoid obstacles and enemies. Jump, fly, and charge your prey strategically to maintain control and maximize your chances of success.

⭐ Explore and Experiment: Don't be afraid to explore different levels and experiment with different strategies. Discover hidden areas, collect bonus items, and find the most effective ways to complete each level.


Drag'n'Boom Mod is a thrilling mobile game that combines the enjoyment of old-school arcade games with modern gameplay elements. With its fun and fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics, and exciting power progression system, it offers a unique gaming experience on your mobile device. Take control of a rebellious teenage dragon, burn everything in your path, and amass the greatest treasure ever held by a dragon. Show off your skills, unleash stylish moves, and challenge your friends to beat your high scores. Download Drag'n'Boom Mod now and embark on an epic dragon adventure.