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Drunk Lyrics
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Introducing the game that will put your lyrical knowledge to the test - Drunk Lyrics! "Do you know your lyrics" is the ultimate game that combines singing and forgetting lyrics. Get ready to sing your heart out while trying to remember the words! This addictive game guarantees endless enjoyment and unforgettable moments. Whether you're at a family gathering, event, or game night, Drunk Lyrics is the perfect addition to bring fun, excitement, and laughter into any experience. Play with unlimited players and choose your partners - friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, crush - the choice is yours! So, are you up for the challenge? Here's how to play: tap the card, receive a word, and sing a song that includes the given word. Let the singing showdown begin!

Features of Drunk Lyrics:

* Fun and Engaging Gameplay: This app is a game that guarantees enjoyment and laughter. You and your friends can have a blast singing your favorite songs while testing your memory and lyrics knowledge. It's the perfect way to bring excitement to any gathering or event.

* Unlimited Players: Unlike many other games, Drunk Lyrics can be played with an unlimited number of players. Whether you're having a small get-together or a huge party, everyone can join in the fun. Gather your friends, family, or even colleagues and let the singing battle begin!

* Versatile Player Choices: You can play this game with anyone you like. Bring your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or even your favorite celebrity. The choice is entirely up to you! This flexibility allows you to customize the game according to your preferences and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

* Memorable Moments Anywhere: Drunk Lyrics is designed to be played anywhere you can think of. Whether it's a family gathering, a game night with friends, or even during road trips, this game will elevate the atmosphere and create lasting memories. Enjoy the game's portability and bring the fun with you wherever you go.

Tips for Users:

* Prepare a Playlist: Before starting the game, create a playlist of your favorite songs. This will ensure that you have a wide range of songs to choose from when it's your turn to sing.

* Set a Time Limit: To keep the game fast-paced and exciting, set a time limit for each player to sing their chosen song. This will prevent the game from dragging on and maintain the energy throughout.

* Use Themed Words: Spice up the gameplay by using themed words for each round. For example, choose words related to a specific genre, artist, or even movies. This will add an extra layer of challenge and creativity to the game.


Drunk Lyrics is the ultimate game for music lovers and party enthusiasts. With its fun and engaging gameplay, unlimited player options, and versatility, it guarantees a memorable experience filled with laughter and excitement. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or attending a big event, this game will bring people together and create unforgettable moments. So gather your friends and get ready to sing your heart out while testing your memory and lyrics knowledge. Download Drunk Lyrics now and let the fun begin!