No Humanity - The Hardest Game Mod

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Once upon a time, there was a spaceship caught in a galaxy graffiti war between Brian and Shan. Laser beams flashed, bullets flew, and strange things happened - like a little boy's hair growing rapidly and monsters' eyes bulging out. This game, called No Humanity - The Hardest Game Mod, is not for the faint-hearted. It is designed to be extremely challenging and unpredictable, meant to bring joy to its die-hard fans. With rough graphics, limited music, and a touch of crude humor, this game offers online multiplayer for up to 8 players without delay, plenty of fish, and even a claw machine. It may not be worth your attention, but somehow it went viral on TikTok! Thanks to our amazing fans and their shares, the game survived and the team behind it went crazy with their ideas. Loved by the community on discord, Brian is grateful for the support.

Features of No Humanity - The Hardest Game Mod:

> Extremely challenging and unpredictable gameplay that will keep fans entertained and satisfied.

> Wacky space-themed graphics with doodle-like designs that add to the game's unique and quirky atmosphere.

> Intense bullet-hell mechanics that require skillful dodging rather than traditional shooting.

> Online multiplayer mode for up to 8 players, ensuring a lag-free experience when playing with friends.

> Plenty of fish characters to encounter, adding variety and surprises to each gameplay session.

> A blend of crude humor and amateur graphics with limited budget music, creating a distinct and refreshing gaming experience.


No Humanity - The Hardest Game Mod offers a rare and thrilling journey that is not meant for everyone. Its challenging and unpredictable gameplay, coupled with its wacky space-themed graphics and intense bullet-hell mechanics, guarantee hours of entertainment. With online multiplayer capability, encountering various fish characters, and a unique blend of crude humor and amateur graphics, this App provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Don't miss out on this game that has gained popularity on TikTok thanks to our amazing fans. Click to download now and immerse yourself in the world of No Humanity - The Hardest Game Mod.



  • Wasn't very fun, too many ads, and a random "revive" button appearing at the end of some runs that takes 50 coins. edit: I was frustrated at the seemingly random revive button, which would either lock me into watching an ad, or take 50 coins. The game is very fast-paced, so I would usually click it immediately. I've since disabled video ads, but would gladly enable them if there was an option to quit the ad and not recieve any reward, because I don't want to revive, a 3 second run.
    2024-07-16 00:42:20
  • Super cool game! Big downside though, rubber banding. Sometimes when you control the ship, it ends up going to a full stop, and then it suddenly responds leading to my death. The weird part is that it even happens in single player which is uncool. The worst part is that the objects are still moving so there's no way to dodge it unless it responds again. Uninstalled the game, might install again if it gets fixed (it really is a shame that I have to do this :( ).
    2024-07-15 09:26:14
  • Solid game, not too many ads, one of the best mobile games ive seen in a long while. The multiplayer is a bit unbalanced i feel, its more favored to people with better ships, but its still fun when paired with the right people. Single player is difficult, but after learning the patterns is a lot of fun. The controls are easy, and its a clever work around so your thumb is not always on the spaceship, but it can move across the whole screen quickly and with ease.
    2024-07-15 09:12:33
  • Has really improved over time. I first downloaded a long while back expecting to delete it soon, but I'm still playing months later. Originally it was just a few levels and a few ships, but now it has a full upgrade system and abilities and many different levels. With labels like "impossibly hard" I am surprised to find that with practice you can get quite good at staying alive, it just takes a while to get to that point.
    2024-07-12 19:23:58
  • more like a 3.5 star rating. I love losing at this game. it's challenging and addicting, as so many others say. the thing I can't stand about this game is the forced tutorials. the little astronaut dude interrupting like "you have to do this right now whether you want to or not" is so annoying. and it makes you repeat the tutorial until you've finished it (I did the claw machine tutorial like 3 times bc I'd close the app to ignore him). appreciate the help, but no thanks. would love to skip.
    2024-07-12 04:24:08
  • Seems like a pretty fun game. The ads are optional but the option is presented so often it makes me feel like I'm missing out on progress if I decline, which is frustrating and somewhat spoils the experience. Many games I've played have bonuses for watching ads, but allow you to get those bonuses without ads if you make certain in-app purchases. If that exists here, I haven't been able to find it.
    2024-07-12 02:33:27