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Upwards! Mod is a captivating and visually stunning 2D game that will challenge your skills and test your reflexes. In this minimalist adventure, your objective is simple: reach the highest point possible by walljumping your way up. But don't let the simplicity fool you, timing your jumps with precision is crucial in order to overcome the various obstacles that stand in your way. Collect gems as you ascend to unlock a plethora of vibrant characters and colorful themes, allowing you to personalize your experience. Compete against friends and players worldwide on the leaderboards, and unlock achievements that will truly push your limits. With its minimalist design, intuitive one tap jump mechanic, and endless combinations of stages, Upwards! Mod guarantees hours of addictive gameplay. Don't miss the chance to remove ads and enhance your gaming experience by unlocking the Ad Removal feature. So, are you ready to climb to new heights? It's time to go onwards and upwards!

Features of Upwards! Mod:

* Minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design: Upwards! features a visually appealing design with clean lines and vibrant colors. The minimalist style allows for easy focus on the gameplay without distractions.

* Simple one tap jump and double-jumping mechanic: The game's mechanics are straightforward and easy to learn. With just a tap on the screen, players can make their character jump in the direction they want. Double-jumping adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy.

* Wide variety of unlockable characters: Upwards! offers over 40 quirky and animated characters for players to unlock. Each character has its own unique personality and style, adding excitement and motivation to keep playing.

* Customizable colors and themes: Players can customize their experience by choosing from a range of handpicked colors and themes. This allows for endless combinations and personalization, making each playthrough feel fresh and unique.

* Endless combinations of stages: The game offers an infinite number of stages to play through, ensuring that the gameplay experience is always different. With each challenge, players can test their skills and see how high they can climb.

* Leaderboards and challenging achievements: Upwards! features leaderboards where players can compare their scores with friends and players from around the world. Additionally, there are challenging achievements to unlock, providing an extra layer of competitiveness and motivation.


* How do I unlock new characters? To unlock new characters, players need to collect gems during their climb. These gems can be collected throughout the game and used to unlock the various character options.

* Can I unlock all characters without making any in-app purchases? Yes, all characters can be unlocked without making any in-app purchases. However, players have the option to make purchases to accelerate the unlocking process if desired.

* Can I change colors and themes during gameplay? Yes, players can change colors and themes at any time during gameplay. This allows for a dynamic and customizable experience.

* Is there a way to remove ads? Yes, players have the option to purchase Ad Removal, which disables all ads and enhances the overall experience of the game.


Upwards! Mod offers a captivating and engaging gameplay experience with its minimalist design, simple mechanics, and wide array of unlockable characters. With customizable colors and themes, players can personalize their experience and enjoy endless combinations of stages. The leaderboards and challenging achievements add an extra layer of competitiveness and motivation. Whether you're a casual gamer looking for a fun and challenging journey or a competitive player aiming for the top of the leaderboards, Upwards! Mod is the game for you. Download Upwards! Mod now and let the climb begin!