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SNKRX Mod is an addictively fun arcade shooter roguelite that puts you in control of a powerful snake made up of multiple heroes. Each hero has their own unique attacks, passives, and classes, which adds a whole new level of strategy to the game. Inspired by the popular auto-battler genre, SNKRX Mod allows you to combine heroes of the same class to unlock special bonuses that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Additionally, you can upgrade your heroes for even more power by purchasing copies of them from the shop. With over 40 heroes, 12 classes, and 40 passive items to discover, there's endless replayability and a deep sense of progression. Can you steer your snake to victory and become the ultimate champion? Immerse yourself in the intense gameplay, explore challenging levels, collect achievements, and enjoy an incredible soundtrack by Kubbi. SNKRX is the game you've been waiting for.

Features of SNKRX Mod:

❤ Unique Gameplay: SNKRX Mod offers a refreshing twist on the shooter genre by allowing players to control a snake made up of multiple heroes. This innovative concept adds strategic depth and variety to the gameplay.

❤ Hero Variety: With over 40 heroes to choose from, each with their own unique attacks and passives, players will have countless options to customize their snake and find a playstyle that suits them best.

❤ Class Bonuses: By combining heroes of the same class together, players can unlock special class bonuses. This encourages strategic thinking and experimentation, as different combinations of heroes can lead to powerful synergies.

❤ Progression System: As the run progresses, players will face increasingly difficult levels, providing a challenging and rewarding experience. Additionally, heroes can be leveled up by purchasing copies from the shop, allowing players to power up their snake and take on tougher enemies.


❤ How do I control my snake in this app? Your snake will constantly be moving forward, but you can steer it by turning left or right. This allows you to navigate through the arenas and avoid obstacles.

❤ Do I need to manually control my heroes' attacks? No, your heroes will automatically attack when they are close to enemies. This saves you from having to constantly tap or swipe to attack, allowing you to focus more on strategy.

❤ How do I unlock class bonuses? To unlock class bonuses, you need to combine heroes of the same class together. The more heroes of the same class you have, the stronger the bonus will be.

❤ Are there any achievements in the game? Yes, SNKRX Mod features over 15 achievements for players to unlock. These can provide additional goals and challenges, adding replay value to the game.


SNKRX Mod offers a unique and addictive gaming experience, combining the elements of arcade shooting and roguelite genres. With its innovative gameplay, diverse hero roster, and strategic class-based system, players will constantly find new ways to approach battles and overcome challenges. The progression system and achievement feature add depth and replayability, making SNKRX a must-play for fans of the genre. Experience the thrill of controlling a snake made of heroes and embark on an epic journey in this app. Download now and conquer the arenas!