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Are you a fan of knife-throwing games like Лесоруб Mod? If so, then you'll absolutely love Lumberjack - the game that takes your knife throwing skills to a whole new level! The gameplay is simple yet addictive: just aim and throw your knife at a piece of wood, repeating the process until you run out of knives. As you progress through the levels, you'll unlock exciting bonuses and collectibles. With its minimal ads and user-friendly interface, Lumberjack offers a seamless gaming experience. However, be warned - this game is highly addictive, and some bosses may leave you feeling frustrated. So, grab your knives and get ready to master the art of knife throwing in Lumberjack!

Features of Лесоруб Mod:

1) Addictive Gameplay: Lumberjack provides an addictive gameplay experience similar to the popular game Knife Hit. Players can enjoy the thrill of throwing knives and aiming for perfect hits on pieces of wood.

2) Minimal Interruptions: Unlike other similar games, Lumberjack does not bombard players with ads every 3 seconds. This allows for a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.

3) Variety of Levels and Bonuses: The game offers a wide range of levels with beautiful animation and voice acting. As players progress through the levels, they can collect various bonuses, making the gameplay more exciting and rewarding.

4) Extensive Knife Collection: Lumberjack features over 30 knives with different characteristics. Players can choose from a variety of knives and experiment with their unique attributes to enhance their throwing skills.

Tips for users:

1) Aim Carefully: Precision is key in Lumberjack. Take your time to aim before throwing the knife to ensure a perfect hit on the piece of wood. Practice your aiming skills to become a true master.

2) Collect Bonuses Wisely: As you progress through the levels, collect the bonuses strategically. Use them at the right moment to overcome challenging obstacles or to maximize your score.

3) Upgrade Your Knives: Utilize the bonus store to upgrade your knives. Each knife possesses different characteristics, so choose wisely to enhance your throwing abilities and achieve better results.


Лесоруб Mod offers an addictive and thrilling gaming experience for fans of knife-throwing games. With its minimal interruptions, players can fully immerse themselves in the gameplay. The variety of levels, bonuses, and extensive knife collection keep the game engaging and rewarding. With simple and convenient controls, the game works smoothly on most devices. The prompt and honest support ensure a satisfying gameplay experience. So why wait? Start throwing your knives, defeat the bosses, and become a true ninja in Lumberjack!