State Railroad: Train Game Mod

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Welcome to State Railroad: Train Game Mod, an exhilarating strategy game for all lovers of world roads and train tycoon games! In this dynamic and captivating game, your objective is to connect various dots on the map and build a remarkable railroad and idle train station that connects all the states. As you embark on your journey, you'll witness the economy of the small city you start in flourish, causing your railway company to rapidly expand. Not only will you have the opportunity to construct an extensive transportation system, but you can also enhance and upgrade the stations, enabling you to accommodate longer trains. With just a simple tap, you can connect the dots by lines and gradually build up your city while stacking the states. Each new territory you unlock presents a new station to add to your collection. Immerse yourself in this exciting tycoon adventure as you explore the world road connect mechanics and effortlessly control traffic. The animation and vibrant colors of the territories will leave you mesmerized. Get ready to experience a surge of emotions as you conquer new lands, one line connection at a time. Connect and combine stations to expand your map and ultimately achieve world domination. It's time to take control and conquer the world!

Features of State Railroad: Train Game Mod:

- Dynamic and Fascinating Road Strategy Game: State Railroad: Train Game is not just your average tycoon game. It offers a dynamic and fascinating road strategy experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

- Connect the Dots and Build a Railroad: In this game, you need to connect the dots on the map to build a railroad and idle train station. By strategically connecting different states, you can create a vast transportation network and become the ultimate railroad tycoon.

- Improve Stations and Upgrade Trains: It's not just about building the railroad, but also about improving the stations and upgrading the trains. As you progress and earn more resources, you can extend your trains and make your stations more efficient.

- Simple Operation and Easy Traffic Control: State Railroad: Train Game offers a user-friendly interface and simple operation. You can easily tap to connect the dots and build your railway system. Plus, you have easy traffic control, making it convenient to manage your trains and ensure a smooth flow of transportation.


- How do I connect the dots on the map?

To connect the dots on the map, simply tap on one dot and drag your finger to the other dot. The game will automatically draw a line to connect them, creating a railroad between the two stations.

- How can I improve my stations?

To improve your stations, you can use the resources you earn in the game. Upgrade options are available, allowing you to expand the capacity of your stations, enhance their efficiency, and make them more visually appealing.

- Can I upgrade my trains?

Yes, you can upgrade your trains as you progress in the game. By earning resources and completing certain objectives, you can make your trains longer, faster, and more powerful. Upgrading trains will help you transport more passengers and goods, leading to increased revenue.


State Railroad: Train Game Mod offers an exciting tycoon adventure for all lovers of road strategy games. With its dynamic gameplay, connecting dots to build a railroad becomes a captivating experience. You have the opportunity to take over the world by expanding your transportation network and becoming a successful railway tycoon. The game's simple operation and easy traffic control allow for smooth and enjoyable gameplay. Additionally, the option to improve stations and upgrade trains adds depth to the game, making it even more engaging. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of building the ultimate railroad empire in State Railroad: Train Game.



  • This was a pretty fun game. I beat it so I uninstalled it. I wish there was way more to it than just North America, and that there were fewer ads. Would consider downloading it again if it was expanded and there were less ads or it was less to purchase the no ad version.
    2024-07-16 07:25:26
  • So let me narrate my first 40 seconds in the game, I load in, I connect all three points, I wait 30ish seconds of nothing happening, I accidentally tap the ad on the bottom as I tap around trying to figure out what to do, it opens and I click back to go back to the game, it opens a full screen unskippable, it crashes, I Uninstalled.
    2024-07-16 06:34:31
  • I agree with others, it seems to be a retooled version of state connect. Overall not bad, except for the need to tap a station multiple times in order to upgrade it once. Would like to see a more streamlined look to the states & not having to tap the screen multiple times to upgrade the stations.
    2024-07-15 18:06:28
  • I love the concept for the game, but 8 bucks for no ads for a game that takes an hour or two to "complete" is crazy (just turn your wi-fi off though). Also, it's quite difficult to actually select one of the stations to upgrade it, unless you're zoomed all the way in.
    2024-07-15 00:14:04
  • Even if you exclude the overly aggressive ads, the gameplay is just so dull. The leveling system slows things down to a crawl, there's no offline earnings system so you can't put it down for a bit and do something else, and you can even just leave it running. If you do, an ad will come up and stop you earning anything. Don't waste your time with this one.
    2024-07-14 22:14:00
  • I recognized the same issue with the ads as others. It's understandable to havesome ads, but this is a bit overkill. Also, I noticed that it was diffficult to press on the train stations and whatnot. I typically have to press each one about seven times before it opens.
    2024-07-13 13:12:17