Угадай персонажа комиксов

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Unlock the comic book universe with this engaging app,Угадай персонажа комиксов! Behind the mesmerizing mosaic lie iconic comic book heroes and villains, waiting to be discovered. Challenge yourself to guess each character by their appearance and put your comic knowledge to the test. Don't worry if you're unsure, handy hints are available to nudge you in the right direction. Make the experience even more enjoyable by inviting your friends to join and conquer levels together. Plus, by sharing your progress on social media, you can earn valuable coins every 48 hours. If you ever run out of hints, don't hesitate to contact the app for assistance. Please note that all cartoon images belong to their respective copyright holders and are used within the boundaries of Russian and international law for informational purposes only.

Features of Угадай персонажа комиксов:

❤️ Guess the character: This app allows users to guess the hidden famous comic book heroes and villains. Users need to indicate the name of the hero or villain to progress in the game.

❤️ Use tips: If users don't know who is depicted, they can use the tips provided in the app. This feature helps users to overcome any difficulties and continue enjoying the game.

❤️ Test your knowledge: This app is a great opportunity for users to test their knowledge in comics. It offers a challenging and engaging experience for comic book enthusiasts.

❤️ Invite friends: To make the game even more enjoyable, users can invite their friends to play together. This feature allows users to share the fun and excitement of the game with their friends.

❤️ Sharing on social networks: Users can share their achievements and progress on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. By sharing, users also receive coins as a reward, enhancing their experience in the game.

❤️ Support and assistance: If users run out of tips, they can contact the app's support team for help. This feature ensures that users can always receive assistance and continue enjoying the game without any interruptions.


Угадай персонажа комиксов provides an exciting and interactive experience for comic book fans. Users can test their knowledge, guess the hidden characters, and enjoy the game with friends. With features like tips, social sharing, and support, the app aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download this app and have a blast guessing your favorite comic book heroes and villains!