Cocobi Dentist - Kids Hospital

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Welcome to the Cocobi Dentist - Kids Hospital! Join the Cocobi friends as they visit the dentist to fix their teeth problems and make them feel better. This app offers a variety of engaging dentist games, including getting rid of cavities and germs, treating swollen gums and broken teeth, and even brushing teeth the right way. But that's not all! You can also transform characters and defeat germs, play a game to defeat the germs in cavities, and collect hearts to decorate the doctor's office. With Kigle's mission to create the first playground for children all over the world, the Cocobi universe is sure to spark creativity and imagination. So come and play with brave Coco and cute Lobi, the little dinosaurs that will take you on exciting adventures in various jobs, duties, and places!

Features of Cocobi Dentist - Kids Hospital:

* Variety of Dentist Games: The app offers a range of dentist games to fix teeth problems, including getting rid of cavities, treating rotten teeth, and replacing broken teeth.

* Special Fun Features: Users can transform characters to defeat germs and play a game to defeat germs in cavities. Collecting hearts allows you to decorate the doctor's office.

* Interactive Education: Learn the right way to brush teeth through the "Brush Teeth" game. Choose a toothbrush and toothpaste to educate children on proper oral hygiene practices.

* Engaging Gameplay: Experience the Cocobi universe with brave Coco and cute Lobi, the little dinosaurs. Explore various jobs, duties, and places, making the gameplay exciting and entertaining.

* Creative Content: The app is created by Kigle, a company dedicated to sparking children's creativity, imagination, and curiosity. The Cocobi universe provides a unique and engaging experience for children worldwide.

* Additional Popular Games: Apart from the Cocobi apps, users can also download and play other popular games like Pororo, Tayo, and Robocar Poli, expanding the range of entertainment options.


Welcome to the Cocobi Dentist - Kids Hospital app, where you can treat the dental woes of the Cocobi friends and enjoy a variety of engaging dentist games. With interactive education on proper tooth brushing and special fun features like transforming characters and defeating germs, this app is sure to entertain and educate children. Immerse yourself in the creative Cocobi universe with brave Coco and cute Lobi, and explore various jobs and places. Download now and join the fun!



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