WoW Legion Companion
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The World of WoW Legion Companion is the perfect companion for avid WoW players who want to make the most of their gaming time no matter where they are. With this app, you can stay on top of your in-game tasks even when you're on the go. You can track world quests and emissary bounties, check out the rewards they offer, and plan your gameplay accordingly. Additionally, the app allows you to manage your missions in your Class Order Hall, upgrade your followers' gear, and recruit troops for future missions. It also lets you conduct research and monitor the progress of your Order Hall tech tree, ensuring that your in-game progression remains steady.

Features of WoW Legion Companion:

* World Quest Tracking: Stay on top of your active world quests and emissary bounties, even when you're not in-game. Check out the rewards and plan your next move before diving into the game.

* Mission Control: Manage your missions from anywhere. See all available missions in your Class Order Hall and start them right away. Complete your missions, collect rewards, and micromanage your followers, all on the go.

* Order Hall Progress: Keep your game progression in check. Conduct research and track the status of your Order Hall tech tree to ensure you're always moving forward in the game.

* Active Subscription Required: To access all the amazing features, you'll need an active World of Warcraft subscription and characters of the appropriate level. Starter and Veteran Editions can log into the app but won't have character selection.

* Multiple Language Support: The app is available in various languages, including English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Português, Русский, 한국어, 简体中文, and 繁體中文, making it accessible to a global user base.

* Officially Licensed by Blizzard Entertainment: Developed by the creators of World of Warcraft themselves, this companion app is guaranteed to provide a seamless gaming experience and exceptional quality.


With the new World of WoW Legion Companion, you can truly make the most of your time in the game, no matter where you are. Track world quests, manage missions, and monitor your Order Hall progress, all from the convenience of your Android device. This officially licensed app ensures smooth gameplay and offers multiple language support, bringing the MMO experience closer to players worldwide. Don't miss out on this essential tool to enhance your World of Warcraft adventure – download now and stay connected to the game at all times!