Manor Decor Match

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Welcome to Manor Decor Match, the ultimate blast puzzle game that combines rescue missions, romance, and challenging puzzles all in one! Join Lily on an exciting journey to rebuild her once magnificent Castle Manor and reclaim the stolen treasure. But it won't be easy - you'll have to face off against the bad guys, endure the nagging of friends, and confront the dilemma of love! Along the way, make crucial choices that will reshape Lily's life and customize her Castle Manor to your liking. Will you go for a luxurious European style or keep it simple? The choice is yours! Be careful though - even seemingly small decisions, like how to remove trees, can have disastrous consequences! So join the fun and challenge your friends to see who can transform their estates the best. Explore the captivating storyline, unlock new rooms and furniture, and conquer thousands of amazing levels in this beloved match-3 puzzle game. Don't forget to visit your neighbors for design inspiration and to collect new props. Experience endless fun and excitement with Manor Decor Match now!

Features of Manor Decor Match:

❤️ Challenging blast puzzle game: Test your skills and strategy as you solve puzzles to rebuild Lily's legendary Castle manor.

❤️ Exciting storyline: Join Lily on her adventure to rescue the stolen treasure and make difficult choices that will reshape her life.

❤️ Design and decorate: Choose your own style for Lily's Castle manor - European or simple. Customize the mansion and garden to your liking.

❤️ Unique characters: Encounter interesting characters with their own stories and help them along the way.

❤️ Unlock new areas and rooms: Explore hidden areas and unlock dozens of rooms with thousands of DIY decorations.

❤️ Endless fun: Enjoy thousands of new levels and use powerful props to enhance your gameplay experience.


Manor Decor Match is an addictive and immersive blast puzzle game that offers a captivating storyline, unique characters, and the opportunity to design your dream Castle manor. With its challenging gameplay and endless levels, this app promises hours of entertainment. Download now to join Lily on her exciting journey and unleash your creativity in decorating and renovating the Castle manor. Get ready for a world of fun and challenges with Manor Decor Match!