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Welcome to Merge County®, where you hold the reins to revitalize this quaint town! Revisit your childhood abode and dive into a thrilling quest to modernize the community. Yet, it's not merely about appearances but merging crafting materials and items to fuel the town's advancement. In this captivating app, aid the locals of Merge County® with their individual tasks and dilemmas. Each character bears a unique story and hurdles, relying on your assistance for a brighter future. But the journey doesn't halt there. Progress unlocks new town sections, brimming with fresh characters and merging prospects, fostering endless expansion. Why settle for the ordinary when you can rejuvenate your roots and elevate Merge County® into its former magnificence? Let's embark on this merging adventure now!

Features of Merge County®:

❤️ Rebuilding: Give the game a complete makeover by rebuilding it from the ground up, creating a vibrant and modern town.

❤️ Merging: Merge crafting materials and other items to assist in the growth and development of the town.

❤️ Character-specific tasks: Help the downtrodden folk of Merge County® by undertaking specific tasks tailored to each character's needs and problems.

❤️ Exclusive characters: Interact with a diverse range of interesting and unique townsfolk, and assist them in improving their homes and lives.

❤️ Exploration: Unlock new areas of the town as you progress, revealing new characters and merging opportunities.

❤️ Thriving town: Contribute to making the game a happy and thriving place for all its inhabitants by successfully merging and completing tasks.


With Merge County®, you have the opportunity to transform your childhood home into a modern and lively town. Engage with an array of exclusive characters, help them in their individual quests, and explore new areas as you level up. By merging items and completing tasks, you can contribute to the growth and success of the game, creating a thriving community. Download now and embark on an exciting journey to rejuvenate Merge County®!



  • This game has improved tremendously in last few months. With the recent updated Artic Tundra and the ability to store buildings has been a blessing. Let's hope they fix counters as they change sometimes off screen and you don't actually see added bonuses or coin amounts in real time. Game developers know of this issue and are working on it. Thanks again.
    2024-06-12 19:11:08
  • You've made the Energy Transfer feature on the special events to hard to obtain, especially when you don't get long on the special events as it is.
    2024-06-12 12:28:14
  • I haven't been able to play in 2 days. It keeps saying that it creating island and won't go any further. I love this game but it looks like I'm deleting it now
    2024-06-12 03:13:20
  • The game is down today 3/17. It's one of the last games I still play regularly and cannot play. What is wrong? This is starting to happen on a regular basis.
    2024-06-11 04:46:54
  • Never get close in the mini game, have to spend money. In the merge or digging contest on my server, same thing.
    2024-06-09 15:07:12
  • Like the game but it constantly freezes on the start page now and won't load half the time shame really as it's a good game
    2024-06-07 20:01:21