Talking Baby Panda-Virtual Pet
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Introducing Talking Baby Panda-Virtual Pet, the most adorable virtual pet game from Babybus! Meet Kiki, the cutest talking baby panda, and dive into his world of fun and excitement. Talk to Kiki and watch as he repeats everything you say with his funny voice. Play in the swimming pool and witness his cute reactions as you pet and poke him. Take care of Kiki every day by feeding him your creative treats and dressing him up in lucky costumes. Explore the Babybus lab and embark on color mixing experiments with Kiki, where you'll uncover new surprises with every mix. Get ready for endless enjoyment with the app!

Features of Talking Baby Panda-Virtual Pet:

* Talking feature: Talk to panda Kiki and he will repeat everything you say in his adorable voice.

* Play in the swimming pool: Interact with panda Kiki by touching the screen and see his cute reactions while in the swimming pool.

* Pet and poke: Show affection to panda Kiki by petting and poking him, he will love it!

* Take care of panda Kiki: Adopt panda Kiki as your virtual pet and take care of him by coloring his food and feeding him creative treats. Also, dress him up in different costumes to make him even happier.

* Explore Babybus Lab: Discover the Babybus Lab where you can do color mixing experiments with panda Kiki, creating new surprises.

* Enjoy endless fun: Have fun with panda Kiki as he talks, sings, laughs and jokes with you. Be creative and let your imagination run wild!


In Talking Baby Panda-Virtual Pet, you get to have your very own virtual pet, panda Kiki. You can talk to him, play with him in the swimming pool, and show him love by petting and poking. Taking care of panda Kiki is exciting as you get to color his food and dress him up in different costumes. Explore the Babybus Lab for fun color mixing experiments and enjoy endless entertainment with Panda Kiki. Download now and enter the cute and fun world of Talking Baby Panda!



  • This game is for kids i love it
    2024-06-11 15:34:17
  • baby bus you makes the best panda games
    2024-06-11 02:07:33
  • This game is so cool i like it!!!!!!!!!
    2024-06-10 13:51:00
  • What you so can you so can we have a good idea of what the same time and place for everything you have done
    2024-06-10 09:25:24
  • This is very boring game don't install
    2024-06-09 23:54:34
  • This game is very nice and helpful too
    2024-06-09 15:15:21