Wheel of Brain - fortune style

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Get ready for a thrilling puzzle-solving experience with this exciting app! Similar to the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Brain - fortune style app allows you to test your puzzle-solving skills and your luck. With thousands of puzzles to solve and various levels to conquer, you'll never get bored. The sarcastic computer player adds an extra element of challenge and amusement - but don't worry, you can switch it off if it becomes too annoying. With a range of skins to choose from and the option to play against another human player, the fun is endless. Keep track of your scores, compete against your friends, and try your luck in the online global highscore list. Are you ready to make a fortune? Start playing now and see if you have what it takes to become a true puzzle master!

Features of Wheel of Brain - fortune style:

> Realtime online game: Play against other players in a profile-based game. You can have public or private games and compete for high scores.

> Thousands of puzzles: With a constantly updated server, there are endless word puzzles to solve and keep you entertained.

> Sarcastic computer player: Experience the fun of playing against a witty and humorous computer opponent. If it becomes too annoying, you can switch it off.

> Multiple skins: Choose from 9 different skins, including a nostalgic DOS Retro theme, to personalize your gaming experience.

> Increasing levels of difficulty: Challenge yourself as the computer player gets better and smarter with each level. Don't give her any chance on the higher levels.

> Global highscore list and statistics: Track your progress and compare your scores with other players worldwide in the Hall of Brains. Get feedback on your performance with detailed statistics after completing all levels.


Are you a puzzle lover looking for a game that combines competition, humor, and challenging gameplay? Look no further! Wheel of Brain - fortune style App offers a realistic and exciting online gaming experience. With thousands of puzzles, sarcastic computer opponents, and customizable skins, you'll never get bored. Challenge your friends or compete against skilled players worldwide and aim for the top spot in the global highscore list. Download now and start your journey to become a word puzzle champion!