Cat Rescue: Draw 2 Save

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Welcome to Cat Rescue: Draw 2 Save, the newest and most addictive game on the market! Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure to save a poor kitty from various obstacles. Evil bees are on a mission to sting the furry little friend, but fear not! Use your creativity and drawing skills to create a simple line of defense and protect the cat from harm. From lines to circles, stars, and everything in between, the possibilities are endless as you tackle each level's unique challenges. Sharpen your mind as you strategize and aim for three stars on every level. With cute characters, dynamic gameplay, unlimited playtime, engaging soundtracks, and a brilliant way to pass the time, Cat Rescue is a must-try game for everyone. Are you ready to take up the challenge and prove your worth? Let the rescue mission begin!

Features of Cat Rescue: Draw 2 Save:

- Rescue the Cat: The app allows users to rescue a poor kitty from all the obstacles in its way by drawing a line to protect it from evil bees.

- Brain Training: Cat Rescue provides an excellent way to train the brain as each level requires a different solution, challenging users to think creatively.

- Limitless Creativity: Users can draw anything they like, whether it's a line, a circle, or a star, to protect the cat. The sky is the limit for their creativity.

- Achieve 3 Stars: Players can strive to get 3 stars on every level, making the game more engaging and encouraging replayability for those who enjoy a challenge.

- Cute and Funny Characters: The app features adorable and funny characters that add charm and entertainment to the gameplay, making it visually appealing.

- Dynamic Gameplay and Engaging Soundtracks: The app offers dynamic gameplay that keeps users hooked, accompanied by engaging soundtracks that enhance the overall experience.


Cat Rescue: Draw 2 Save GAME is an addictive and challenging game that allows users to rescue a kitty by drawing various shapes. With limitless creativity, brain training, cute characters, and dynamic gameplay, this app provides an excellent way to pass time and have fun. Download now and embark on the challenge of protecting the adorable kitty!



  • Okay I get free games must have ads, but the ads cover half the screen when playing it, kept losing because it popped up while drawing. That's just ridiculous to have an ad on pop up covering most of the screen while drawing.
    2024-06-07 20:15:05
  • I enjoyed the game, but going to uninstall now because it keeps starting at level 300 every time I restart the game to play the next day. I keep asking myself, "Didn't I already play this level? It looks so familiar...". So, when I try going to the home page to get past 300, home takes me almost to the beginning, and the arrow button won't even work!
    2024-06-07 10:11:05
  • I hate this game so much. It's impossible to save the cat even on the first level. I recommend" home flip" to this
    2024-06-07 09:43:51
  • Makes you feel smart for about 5 mins until you realize it's the easiest game of this type you've ever played. The puzzles never get harder. It is literally designed to make you think you're doing well so you watch endless ads. Puzzle 200 is no harder than puzzle 5. Bonus: turn off internet to avoid ads. Double bonus: don't download in the first place. Even without ads it's still terrible. Unless it's to entertain your 8 yr old. Then ok, enjoy.
    2024-06-07 04:22:23
  • Cute game but way waaaaaaaay too many adds. Uninstalled.
    2024-06-06 04:02:43
  • Fun game. But then the ads come in during while you were drawing and you end up having to restart cos its not reacting anymore. Full ads after wins is annoying, its like getting punished for doing good. Also after a while the levels start repeating (round 130 i was certain of it)
    2024-06-04 21:31:54