Stick Hero: Tower Defense

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Stick Hero: Tower Defense is an action-packed game that brings together the excitement of stickman battles, strategic thinking, and puzzle solving. As the last stick-hero standing, it's your job to charge up your power, grow as a warrior, and defeat well-armed enemies, including formidable bosses like Wugy, Mommy, and Bunny. With a wise strategy, gather your stickman army and lead them to victory. Each move and decision matters as you overcome numerous obstacles. With infinite levels to challenge yourself, a captivating stickman theme, and a fast-paced battle system, Stick Hero: Tower Defense will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join the tower battle now and become a legendary hero!

Features of Stick Hero: Tower Defense:

* Strategy role-playing game: Engage in strategic battles and make calculated moves to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

* Powerful heroes: Level up your heroes, upgrade their skills, merge them with others, and create legendary characters.

* Infinite levels: Enjoy countless levels to challenge your skills and test your abilities in the game.

* Classic stickman theme: Immerse yourself in the attractive and timeless stickman theme, bringing back nostalgic feelings.

* Unlockable weapons: Discover and unlock a variety of weapons to equip your heroes with, enhancing their abilities in battle.

* Fast-paced innovative battle system: Experience real strategy and tactics in fast-paced battles that will keep you engaged and thrilled.


Get ready to become the last stick-hero standing in epic battles! Stick Hero: Tower Defense offers a combination of action, strategy, and puzzle games in a classic stickman theme. Challenge yourself in infinite levels, develop powerful heroes, unlock unique weapons, and engage in fast-paced battles with a real tactical experience. Join the tower battle and download now!



  • Ads when you open the game, ads when you play a level, ads that even freeze the game. I played for 3 minutes and i am uninstalling. Too many bots reviewing this game and boosting it to 4.5 stars. If they just had reasonable ads then i wouldve played for hours and you could have made over 10x more ad money from me. But they didnt so it ends here.
    2024-06-08 17:32:33
  • It gave me like 3 ads before the game even loaded up for the first time. This game embodies everything wrong with modern mobile games.
    2024-06-08 03:31:58
  • So bad. 3 seconds of play, then you get stuck in constant ads popping up, which open your browser over and over. What kind of fk tards do that? Deleted.
    2024-06-08 00:30:19
  • Ads for ads interrupted by ads interrupted by more ads, did I mention the ads? You'll get an ad just opening the game, then you have the bottom of the screen ads that take up 1/3 of the screen. ADS!
    2024-06-07 12:09:58
  • You guys focused on ads so much you forgot about the game as a whole. It has too much ads, it glitches alot, has no tutorial.It has good marketing but absolutely horrible gameplay as a whole it deserves zero stars. I'm pretty disappointed
    2024-06-06 21:20:00
  • I like the concept of this game but what the heck is with all the freaking ad's..You play a 15 sec level and then you have to watch a 30 sec video or longer..This is way to much dude and dudettes..This is way to much I lost any interest in playing this game..I'm laughing on your NO AD PACK..It states it will stop forced ads but to get and money you still have to watch videos to get your money at the end of the level..Cmon dude are you for real..I'm surprised you have 50 million D.L..DELETED!!
    2024-06-06 04:54:16