Hidden Objects: Relax Puzzle

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Welcome to Hidden Objects: Relax Puzzle Game, the ultimate hidden object adventure that offers both relaxation and excitement! Download the game for free and embark on a journey through hundreds of captivating levels. Uncover thousands of hidden objects and build your very own treasure collection. With delightful music and the option to play offline, this game provides the perfect escape. Regular updates bring you new levels and treasures to discover. So get ready to improve your memory and train your brain as you solve puzzles and find missing items. Join us in this magical world of beautiful graphics and relaxing gameplay. Start playing Hidden Objects: Relax Puzzle Game and enjoy an amazing adventure like no other!

Features of Hidden Objects: Relax Puzzle:

- Free to download and play.

- Hundreds of beautiful and inviting levels to explore.

- Thousands of hidden objects to find, providing endless gameplay.

- Dozens of treasures to collect, adding excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

- Pleasant and relaxing music enhances the gaming experience.

- Offline play is available, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.


Hidden Objects: Relax Puzzle Game is the perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing and immersive gaming experience. With its stunning graphics, diverse levels, and a large variety of hidden objects to discover, this app offers endless entertainment. Whether you want to improve your memory or simply enjoy a casual adventure, Hidden Objects has something for everyone. Download now and embark on an exciting journey to find hidden artifacts and complete challenging quests.



  • It's not bad. There are no side stories to follow. Just seek and find. It's simple just a few items then you go to the next level. More items would make it more challenging. Ads are short which is nice.
    2024-06-08 08:25:38
  • Just have played this game about 30 minutes or so, so far I like it because the ads are fair. Just an ad every game. To me, that's tolerable. The response to these reviews about ad's insults people's intelligence ( ad's are necessary for free games) people are not stupid they know that. When there's 3 times more ad's than game, (no, that's NOT necessary) that's what people are saying. This game is fair on ads. This game is enjoyable right now, until the ad's become aggravating. I am raising to 4
    2024-06-08 07:23:08
  • I made it through to finish purchasing and collecting the whole first "collection" and there appears to be no more collections after that. I tried to send an email to find out and it came back "not deliverable" to the email address given. Is this the end of the game? There appears to be no way to find out. If there is no more, I will be deleting this.
    2024-06-08 01:30:15
  • I like the pictures, but I think you can make it a little harder by giving us more than 4 things to find at a time. Also, there is no reason for all those adds. One add every 4 pictures! Come on!
    2024-06-07 17:50:20
  • Only reason I gave 3 stars is that settings should offer more than just turning off sound. Give options of turner off timer...especially since relax is in the app title, being timed is not my idea of relaxation -timer causes stress!...and there are no rules or how to play option in settings. I get it that we need to find objects but what is the chest items??? If we use coins we earned to buy a locked item what does that item do? I dont understand how to play this game other than find objects
    2024-06-06 07:03:26
  • Was a nice relaxing game but didn't take long to finish all the scenes so now just keep going over the same ones constantly. Not sure what the "collections" were for either. Nothing happened when you revealed all 75 pictures.
    2024-06-05 11:21:27