Farmdale: farming games & town

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Farmdale: farming games & town is a delightful farming game that will transport you to a fanciful world populated by happy farmers. In this enchanted farm, you can cultivate plants, care for adorable animals, and create a cozy home. The fascinating residents of Farmdale, from grizzled old farmers to frolicking fairies, will win your heart and ensure your journeys will live in indelible memory. Experience the joy of caring for adorable animals on your farm, and create a verdant garden where you can cultivate a profusion of beautiful flowers and delectable fruits. Unlock new experiences, embark on fascinating quests, and solve riddles to progress. Increase your output by making use of the numerous equipment and structures available. Download it now and immerse yourself in this enchanting farming adventure!

Features of Farmdale: farming games & town:

- Delightful farming game set in a fanciful world populated by happy farmers.

- Immersive gameplay with an incredible story and exploration elements.

- Ability to cultivate plants, care for adorable animals, and create a cozy home.

- Fascinating characters with thrilling stories to discover and interact with.

- Engaging quests and riddles to solve, ensuring a never-ending source of entertainment.

- Access to a wide variety of tools, structures, and equipment to enhance the farming experience and customize the farm to meet individual needs.


Farmdale: farming games & town is an enchanting farming game that offers a captivating and immersive experience in a delightful fantasy world. With its engaging gameplay, fascinating characters, and endless quests, the app successfully attracts users and keeps them entertained. The ability to cultivate plants, care for adorable animals, and customize the farm further adds to the game's appeal. Additionally, the wide variety of tools and structures available allow players to enhance their farming experience and tailor the farm to their liking. Overall, it is a highly recommended app for those looking for a fun and entertaining farming game.



  • I absolutely love to play this game. I played it a few years back and had recently started over because my previous game was saved to my face book page but had been dormant for years. So I created a new facebook page just to keep my progress on the new game. Today, my new game reverted back to my origial game on my Facebook account and I've lost my recent progress. it says you can connect to the game on any device but it won't let me choose what account to connect with so my recent work is lost.
    2024-06-03 20:16:50
  • While this game looks great and I'm all for working to achieve goals the cost of items makes this game more pay to play than another game I've played for years Hay Day. Storage and some building costs cause this game to become very frustrating. Match that with how fast production with animals starts to get around lvl 13 its maddening since upgrade ingredients like coral come later for storage. Oh 30k for a large barn is ridiculous. Even paying you don't get much to cover you long term.
    2024-06-03 19:02:23
  • Great time killer, but I have an issue. I'm in lv 21 and my storage was full of metal materials and I can't even harvest my garden and it makes my progress a bit slow. And I'm not sure to sell my metal materials bcs it is hard to get them. It must be great if the materials have their own places. Slow progression makes me bored to be honest.
    2024-06-02 11:06:18
  • No ability to purchase things through the store, it says access to platform lost, won't let me buy anything.
    2024-06-02 07:25:29
  • I am so disappointed. I installed the game now and when I opened it ,it load like for 10 minutes ok that's not a problem for me . But when I entered the girl shows up and there was written hi I am gilli I will help u to do ...... I pressed continue then it brings me to my home screen. I thought let's try again then I tried 2 times but same thing happening! Please fix this.
    2024-06-01 00:20:46
  • I started playing again after a gap of 1 year. there's is a lot of change a made which is good. but some of my building which I already upgraded is gone and I have upgraded again. however can you fix the land which I already bought has been marked as not yet bought. there were 2 areas which I already bought. but it's gone. Also when I got 2 orders form the tavern 1 just disappeared when I click open.
    2024-05-31 17:41:27