Rumble Blast – Match 3 Puzzle

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Introducing Rumble Blast – Match 3 Puzzle, the ultimate brain game that will leave you addicted from the start. Your mission is simple: match blocks by color and watch as your troops destroy them in a stunning display of power. But it's not just about blasting blocks, it's about strategy too. Fill your backpack with genies, gems, and other equipment to help you complete levels faster. With dozens of tasks and increasingly challenging puzzles, Rumble Blast – Match 3 Puzzle will keep you entertained for hours. Join forces with your personal squad of animal commandos, each with their own superpowers, and unlock all the characters in this thrilling game. Challenge your brain, think through each step, and be rewarded with more gems for every move you save. Get ready for an explosive adventure that will test your memory, logic, and abstract thinking. Play Rumble Blast – Match 3 Puzzle now and see how far you can blast!

Features of Rumble Blast – Match 3 Puzzle:

⭐️ Matching Pairs Brain Game: This app offers a new and addictive brain game where players have to match blocks by color.

⭐️ Stunning Combos: The more cubes of the same color you match, the more stunning the combos become, providing an exciting gameplay experience.

⭐️ Combat Unit: Players take on the role of leading a combat unit and arranging the cubes in the correct order, after which the troops will destroy them.

⭐️ Collect Equipment: Users can fill their backpack with genies, gems, and other equipment, which can be combined in a correct way to help them complete levels faster.

⭐️ Animal Commandos: Players are accompanied by a personal squad of animal commandos, each with their own superpowers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

⭐️ Challenging Levels: With dozens of tasks, the game becomes increasingly difficult and more interesting, providing a fun and addictive experience for the players.


Get ready to engage your brain with this addictive and original brain game called Rumble Blast – Match 3 Puzzle. Match blocks by color, create stunning combos, lead a combat unit, collect equipment, and unleash the power of animal commandos to complete challenging levels. With its exciting gameplay and increasing difficulty, this game guarantees a fun and rewarding experience for players. Click now to download and start your brain-blasting adventure!