Braindoku: Sudoku Block Puzzle

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Braindoku: Sudoku Block Puzzle is an incredible free block puzzle game that will revolutionize how you train your brain and challenge your intellect. With a 9x9 board, you must strategically place blocks to fill rows, columns, or squares in order to clear the entire board and achieve a new high score. Want an extra challenge? Clear woody blocks with each turn to earn Streak points, or clear multiple rows, regions, or squares to rack up Combo points! Take pride in your progress with our best score tracking feature and enjoy customizable backgrounds to match your mood. With no pressure or time limits, this game offers a relaxing and immersive experience. Need a hint? No worries! We've got helpful features such as hints, undo, and flip figure to ensure your best results. Plus, you can play offline and the game size is minimal. Discover the joy of the classic wooden block puzzle and have a blast with Braindoku - a game suitable for all ages. Sharpen your mind, reduce stress, and have fun on the go. Get ready to eliminate all blocks and empower your intellect!

Features of Braindoku: Sudoku Block Puzzle:

> Quick to understand rules, easy to control: The app has simple and intuitive rules, making it easy for users to understand and control the gameplay.

> Relaxing gameplay with no pressure or time limit: The app provides a relaxing and stress-free gaming experience, allowing users to play at their own pace without any time constraints.

> Customizable backgrounds for every mood: Users can personalize their gaming experience by choosing from a variety of backgrounds, creating a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

> Your best score for tracking your progress: The app keeps track of the user's best score, allowing them to monitor their progress and strive for improvement.

> Helpful features for your best result - hints, undo, flip figure: The app offers helpful features such as hints, undo, and flip figures, assisting users in achieving their best results and solving puzzles more efficiently.

> Enjoy the fun of wooden block puzzles: Playable offline, Small game size: Users can enjoy the addictive and entertaining gameplay of wooden block puzzles even without an internet connection. Additionally, the app has a small file size, saving phone storage.


Immerse yourself in the world of Braindoku: Sudoku Block Puzzle, a captivating and challenging free block puzzle game that will exercise your brain and test your IQ. With its easy-to-understand rules and relaxing gameplay, this app provides a stress-free gaming experience for users of all ages. Customize your gaming experience with a variety of backgrounds and track your progress by aiming for the highest score. The app also offers helpful features, such as hints and undo options, to assist you in achieving your best results. Whether you want to reduce stress or sharpen your mind, Braindoku: Sudoku Block Puzzle is the perfect wooden block puzzle game for you. Download now and enjoy the fun anytime, anywhere!