100 Missions : Tower Heist

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Experience the thrilling adventure of being an MI6 Secret Agent in 100 Missions : Tower Heist, the latest release from MPI Games. In this exciting logic puzzle game, you will be tasked with infiltrating a towering skyscraper to complete a series of challenging missions. Utilize your problem-solving abilities and touch controls to solve intricate puzzles and outsmart a dangerous corporation. With five missions to conquer, each presenting its own unique puzzles and adventures, can you successfully pull off the ultimate tower heist? Face danger, mystery, and excitement as you rise through the ranks of MI6 and prove yourself as a top agent. Stay tuned for future additions, including new graphics, storylines, and even more exciting and challenging tasks. Your country is relying on you, Agent!

Features of 100 Missions : Tower Heist:

> Tower Heist Missions: Continue your thrilling 100 missions story as an MI6 Secret Agent infiltrating a high skyscraper. Solve challenging puzzles using touch controls and your problem-solving abilities.

> Unique Mini-Games: Each mission presents you with exciting and unique mini-games that will test your logic and keep you engaged. Face danger, mystery, and adventure in every mission to climb up the ranks of MI>

> Touch Manipulation: Use touch controls to manipulate your environment and uncover hidden secrets. Infiltrate your enemies and escape their rooms with their darkest secrets.

> Challenging Tasks: Prepare yourself for tasks that will push your logic skills to the limit. Solve complex puzzles and overcome obstacles to successfully complete your missions.

> Free to Download: Enjoy the app for free by downloading it now and start your thrilling tower heist adventure. Begin your journey as an MI6 Secret Agent without spending a penny.

> Future Additions: Stay tuned for multiple missions with new graphics and storylines, along with more exciting and challenging mini-games. Advance through the ranks of MI6 and become the top Agent.


100 Missions : Tower Heist is an action-packed app that offers thrilling tower heist missions, challenging puzzles, and unique mini-games. Use touch controls to manipulate your environment, solve complex tasks, and uncover hidden secrets. Best of all, it is free to download! With future additions on the horizon, this app promises to keep you engaged and entertained as you rise through the ranks of MI> Click now to download and embark on your daring secret agent journey!