Troll Robber: Steal it your way

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In this thrilling game, you are about to embark on an exhilarating journey to become the ultimate master thief. Prepare yourself for a challenging adventure as you navigate through various obstacles and adversaries that stand in your way, including your girlfriend's father, her ex, and even your nosy neighbor. But fret not, for you possess a unique ability to stretch your arm as far as you need to, allowing you to steal anything within your reach. However, caution is key, as you must avoid touching dangerous objects, or face dire consequences. Are you ready to test your thieving skills? Download the game now and unlock the secrets that await you. Let the adventure begin!

Features of Troll Robber: Steal it your way:

- Unique storyline: Navigate through challenges such as your girlfriend's protective father, her jealous ex, and even your nosy neighbor. The obstacles never stop!

- Special ability: Unleash your incredible power to stretch your arm as far as you need it. Reach out and grab anything you desire!

- Endless stealing opportunities: Explore various levels and environments to find valuable items to steal. There's always something new to snatch!

- Beware of danger: Watch out for dangerous objects that can harm you. Stay nimble and avoid touching them, or else you'll pay the price!

- Easy gameplay: Simply stretch your hand out to snatch the items you desire, but be quick and stealthy to avoid being caught! It's simple yet incredibly fun.

- Hidden surprises: Download the game now to uncover all the mysterious features waiting to be discovered. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

Get ready to become the master thief you've always dreamed of being. Click the download button now and let's go on an exciting stealing spree!



  • First time playing and before the game even loads there's a ad. I play through first 2 stages which takes 5sec,another ad.
    2024-05-16 23:57:21
  • I gave 4 stars because of many ads
    2024-05-16 10:58:06
  • I don't know how to explain it but I love it
    2024-05-15 14:20:25
  • This game is disguisting what if a kid sees the ad they will grow up dirty minded i jatte this game i downloaded it just so i could write this i will delete this game right now also pls i dont recommed downloading this game i hope you have a great day bye
    2024-05-15 08:21:04
  • I love this game
    2024-05-13 02:54:56
  • Install to see ads?
    2024-05-13 00:37:55