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Welcome to the enchanting world of Jibi Land Princess Castle! This extraordinary app brings your wildest fairy tale dreams to life with delightful toy dolls that replace regular furniture. Enter a realm where imagination knows no bounds and endless adventures await you. Explore the magnificent castle, solve intriguing riddles, and embark on treasure hunts. Get ready for a glamorous candlelit dinner with your charming prince or host a thrilling pool party with adorable cats, dogs, and horses while searching for the elusive unicorn. With nine rooms full of puzzling mysteries, you can unleash your creativity and weave your own princess tale with a royal court, including a king, queen, maid, and chef. Take care of over a hundred magical animal characters such as mischievous cats, loving dogs, fairies, and even hatch dragon or unicorn eggs. Dress up in exquisite princess attire and choose from an incredible range of food and drink menus. Discover the secrets hidden in the castle with the mystical magnifying glass and collect over a hundred unique stickers along the way. Explore, play, and create your own whimsical adventure in Jibi Land Princess Castle!

Features of Jibi Land:

❤️ Princess Castle: Explore a beautiful princess castle filled with enchanting rooms and puzzles to solve.

❤️ Dress Up: Dress up the princess and other characters in stunning princess dresses and create your own princess-themed story.

❤️ Animal Characters: Take care of over one hundred adorable animal characters, including unicorns, dragons, cats, dogs, and more.

❤️ Expandable Pets: Raise and nurture horses, unicorns, and dragons as your expandable pets. Watch them grow and enjoy their unique abilities.

❤️ Food and Drink Menus: Choose from over one hundred different food and drink options to satisfy your princess's hunger and keep her energized.

❤️ Mystical Magnifying Glass: Use a mystical magnifying glass to reveal confidential information, solve riddles, and uncover hidden secrets.


Step into a magical world of princesses, castles, and adorable animal companions with this enchanting app. Explore the princess castle, solve puzzles, dress up in beautiful princess dresses, and take care of over one hundred different animal characters. Uncover hidden secrets and solve riddles with the mystical magnifying glass. Create your own princess-themed story and embark on countless adventures in this captivating app. Download now to experience the limitless possibilities of Jibi Land Princess Castle!



  • I just bought the best value pack and the minute i went out of the game, i lost it. Is there a way to undo or to just get the refund? The game is really nice but it's best if it saves the progress
    2024-05-18 11:42:59
  • I wil give it a 3 star rate. You will need internet to play and you need to pay for other rooms. But it has many items , unlockables and puzzles so I gave it a 3 stars.
    2024-05-17 14:55:53
  • I liked this game a lot , and the best part for me was cooking and gardening . Well it was showing that there will be more than 100 dresses but there were some dresses only .I am giving this game five star cause there were many things I liked about it ,I am excited to see what else will be added in this .
    2024-05-17 06:13:00
  • When I first saw the game I wanted to come into one of the rooms I gave me two options to buy the whole packet or the ad when I press the ad and never gave me the 30 minutes it said it would and it always kick me out the game as well and most of the rooms are all locked
    2024-05-16 13:06:47
  • So let's get on the point this game is too good but the problem is when we close this app and open after a while it resets all of the clothing and there are too many pets and one one request please give us more places to visit, thank you
    2024-05-15 08:00:32
  • Super adorable characters? Check. Fun surprises? Check. Neat secrets to find? Check. A reasonable price for not having to sit through ads? Check. This game meets my standards for a fun dollhouse-like game.
    2024-05-14 10:44:13