MiGelas Upin&Ipin AR Card

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Introducing the MiGelas Upin & Ipin AR Card Game! Get ready to collect and obtain the Upin & Ipin character cards that come in every specially marked MiGelas package. With a total of 200 cards, including Standard, Unique, Rare, Epic, and Legendary levels, you can build an impressive collection. Scan the cards you have to experience the extraordinary 3D visuals of Upin & Ipin characters that seem so real. Plus, there's a selfie feature where you can change the photo frame with the provided Upin & Ipin backgrounds. Invite your friends and family to join in the fun of collecting Upin & Ipin cards. Download the MiGelas Upin & Ipin AR Card App now on Playstore for an exciting experience.

Features of the App:

- Collect Upin & Ipin Character Cards: The app allows users to collect and gather Upin & Ipin character cards that are specially designed and available in the packaging of MiGelas. There are a total of 200 cards to collect, with different levels of rarity.

- Augmented Reality Experience: By scanning the collected cards, users can experience a unique and immersive augmented reality experience. The app brings the 3D characters of Upin & Ipin to life, making them appear as if they are in the real world.

- Selfie Photo Feature: The app also provides a feature for users to take selfies. Users can use the provided Upin & Ipin backgrounds to enhance their photos and make them more fun and engaging.

- Frame Customization: Users have the option to customize the frames of their photos with the available Upin & Ipin backgrounds. This allows for personalization and creativity in capturing and sharing moments.

- Social Interaction: The app encourages users to involve their friends and family in the card collection process. Users can invite and interact with their loved ones to join in the fun and excitement of collecting Upin & Ipin character cards.

- Easy App Download: To enjoy all the features and entertainment offered by the app, users can easily download the MiGelas Upin & Ipin AR Card Game from the Playstore. This ensures a hassle-free and seamless experience for users.


The MiGelas Upin & Ipin AR Card Game provides a fun and engaging experience for fans of the Upin & Ipin characters. With its unique augmented reality feature, users can immerse themselves in the world of Upin & Ipin and interact with their favorite characters. The selfie photo and frame customization features add a level of personalization and creativity to the app. The option to collect a variety of character cards and involve friends and family in the process promotes social interaction and shared experiences. To enjoy all these features, users can easily download the app from the Playstore. Don't miss out on the excitement - click to download the MiGelas Upin & Ipin AR Card Game now!



  • Seru banget kumpulin kartu migelas. Efek 3D kartunya juga lucu
    2024-04-03 08:44:07
  • Jelek
    2024-04-03 06:04:39
  • Game nya laknat gak bisa masuk download nya se jam game ku yang lain jadi ikut ke hapussssss ahh jadi bete
    2024-04-02 15:47:22
  • Aplikasi apaan gak bisa masuk udah masuk tiba tiba keluar aplikasi buruk
    2024-04-02 05:35:52
  • Kenapa isi gamenya mahal mahal
    2024-04-01 18:13:22
  • Bagus
    2024-03-31 21:09:42