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Introducing PleIQ - Educación Aumentada, an educational app that utilizes Augmented Reality to stimulate multiple intelligences in children aged 3 to 8. Explore numerous educational experiences and challenges designed to generate holistic learning in children. From linguistic skills through learning the alphabet and bilingual vocabulary, to logical thinking with numbers and basic geometric shapes. Discover the natural world through recycling, animals, and environmental care. Develop visual perception by recognizing colors and shapes, and delve into the fundamentals of sound, rhythm, and notes in the musical intelligence category. Enhance fine and gross motor skills through kinesthetic activities and body movement. Foster self-awareness and recognition of emotions in the intrapersonal intelligence category. Boost social skills and collaborative work in the interpersonal intelligence category. Click here to download now!

Features of PleIQ - Educación Aumentada:

- Augmented Reality: The app utilizes augmented reality technology to stimulate multiple intelligences in children aged 3 to 8 years old.

- Educational Experiences: The app offers numerous educational experiences and challenges designed to promote comprehensive learning in children.

- Linguistics: Children can learn alphabets and bilingual vocabulary in English and Spanish.

- Logic: Basic numbers and geometric shapes are introduced to develop logical thinking skills.

- Naturalist: The app focuses on environmental awareness, recycling, and animal care.

- Music and Movement: Children can learn sound fundamentals, rhythm, notes, and improve fine and gross motor skills through interactive activities.


Experience an incredibly significant learning journey with PleIQ - Educación Aumentada, an educational tool that uses augmented reality to engage children in multiple intelligences. With over 40 interactive experiences and a dozen educational challenges, PleIQ goes beyond the screen and integrates seamlessly into a child's real learning environment. Scan Caligrafix interactive notebooks to explore further interactive content. Download PleIQ now and start exploring the PleIQ universe.



  • Es fácil de utilizar, muy interactiva y permite a los niños adquirir aprendizajes significativos mientras juegan...
    2024-04-02 20:11:05
  • Soy docente y me encantó el contenido desde el punto de vista curricular y la aproximación a las Inteligencias Múltiples
    2024-04-01 05:10:08
  • Nos encantó. Está perfecto para jugar en familia.
    2024-04-01 01:37:44
  • A mi hijo le encanto jugar con el cubo imprimible gratuito y ver los personajes en realidad aumentada
    2024-03-30 20:28:52
  • La guea mala
    2024-03-29 14:48:46