Despicable Bear

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Introducing the hilarious and absolutely despicable bear, Despicable Bear! Get ready to beat up the most annoying bear you'll ever meet. With ragdoll physics and tons of weapons, this game is pure fun. If you thought Yogi was annoying, you haven't met Despicable Bear yet. People just can't resist beating him up, and neither will you. Ever wanted to beat up a bear and live to tell the tale? Now's your chance. Complete with ragdoll physics and loads of weapons for you to choose from, this game also features a new Voodoo doll for you to abuse and relieve your stress levels. Experience awesome ragdoll physics and have loads of weapons at your disposal. Turn on maximum Despicable Bear mode now and click to download!

Features of this App:

- Hilarious and Despicable Bear: This app introduces users to a funny and entertaining bear character that they can interact with.

- Beat up the Bear: Users can engage in a game where they have the opportunity to beat up the annoying bear using ragdoll physics and a variety of weapons.

- Addictive Gameplay: The combination of ragdoll physics and plenty of weapons ensures a fun and engaging gaming experience for users.

- Release Stress: The app provides a Voodoo doll that users can abuse and relieve their stress levels with.

- Customizable Experience: Users can choose from a wide range of weapons to enhance their bear-beating experience.

- Maximum Despicable Bear Mode: The app offers a special mode where the bear becomes even more annoying, providing users with a greater challenge.

In conclusion, this app offers an entertaining and engaging gaming experience with a hilarious and despicable bear character as the central focus. With its ragdoll physics and various weapons, users can beat up the bear to release stress and have a good time. The customizable experience and the special Maximum Despicable Bear Mode add to the replayability and attractiveness of the app. Click the download button now to start enjoying the fun!



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    2024-03-31 18:05:42
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    2024-03-30 15:42:36
  • Good Game
    2024-03-30 15:17:10
  • Good game
    2024-03-30 03:11:42
  • Woooo
    2024-03-29 07:23:46