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Introducing the Weakest Link app, the mobile version of the hit NBC gameshow. Test your knowledge with thousands of quiz questions and see if you can avoid being the Weakest Link. Face trivia questions against the clock in 6 rounds, just like the show. Each question moves you up the cash ladder to a bigger amount, but be careful not to get one wrong before banking, or you'll lose all your money. Complete all 6 rounds and face the final 5 questions to see if you can hit the target. With 3 stages of play, increasing difficulty, and the ability to share your score on social media, can you defeat the game or will you be the Weakest Link? Download now for free with paid features and ads that can be removed via in-app purchase. Copyright Youngest Media. Visit youngestmedia.com for more information.

- Thousands of quiz questions to play: The app offers a wide variety of quiz questions for users to engage with, ensuring a diverse and constantly changing experience.

- Face trivia questions against the clock: Users can challenge themselves by answering questions within a time limit, adding an element of excitement and urgency to the gameplay.

- Bank money strategically: Players must strategically decide when to bank their money, as getting a question wrong before banking results in losing all the accumulated money. This adds a strategic element to the gameplay and encourages users to think carefully before making decisions.

- Three stages of play: The app offers three stages of play, each progressively more difficult than the last. This offers users a sense of progression and keeps them engaged as they strive to overcome increasingly challenging levels.

- Achievements and rewards: Users can earn gems by completing rounds quickly or by answering multiple questions correctly in a row. These achievements and rewards incentivize users to perform well and enhance the sense of accomplishment.

- Social sharing and competition: The app allows users to share their scores on social media and compare their results with friends. This fosters a sense of competition and encourages users to strive for higher scores.


With its wide variety of quiz questions, exciting gameplay mechanics, and progressive difficulty levels, this app provides an engaging and challenging experience for users. The inclusion of strategic decision-making, achievements, and social sharing features further enhance the appeal of the app. Overall, it is a highly entertaining and addictive game for trivia lovers, and users are likely to be attracted to it and click to download.



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