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Introducing FLIZZ Quiz, the ultimate quiz game that allows you to challenge yourself and become part of the newest quiz community. With no limit on the number of games you can play, FLIZZ offers endless entertainment and the opportunity to expand your general knowledge with nearly 30,000 questions across 18 categories. But FLIZZ is not just another quiz app, it also provides the chance to meet new people by matching you with players who share similar interests, age, and gender. With unique game features, such as blocking unwanted categories, using jokers for hints, and chatting with friends, FLIZZ guarantees a fun and engaging gaming experience. Show off your style with cool avatars, create your own quiz questions, and compete for top rankings on our weekly and monthly leaderboards. Download FLIZZ Quiz now to become part of the number one quiz community!

Features of this app:

- Unlimited gameplay: Unlike other quiz apps, FLIZZ allows players to play as much as they want without any limits.

- Duel mode: Players can challenge real opponents and make new friends.

- Extensive question bank: With nearly -000 questions across 18 categories, FLIZZ helps players expand their general knowledge.

- Matchmaking based on interests, age, and gender: FLIZZ suggests players who are a good match based on their preferences.

- Unique game features: FLIZZ offers various features like blocking categories, using jokers for hints, chatting with friends, and discovering rankings and statistics.

- Customization options: Players can personalize their profiles with cool avatars and even create their own quiz questions.


FLIZZQuizGAME is an engaging quiz app that offers unlimited gameplay, the opportunity to challenge real opponents, and expand one's general knowledge. The app provides unique features like matchmaking based on interests, customization options, and a large database of questions. The attractive design and diverse features make FLIZZ a fun and entertaining gaming experience. So why wait? Join the FLIZZQuizGAME community and become the number one player on the weekly and monthly rankings. Download FLIZZQuiz now and enjoy the ultimate quiz app experience.



  • An sich ein gutes Spiel aber wenn ich das Spiel öffne während ich telefoniere wird das Telefonat abgebrochen.
    2024-04-07 22:03:05
  • Not working properly
    2024-04-05 11:25:06
  • Benutzeroberfläche ist NICHT intuitiv!
    2024-04-05 05:50:36
  • Came to look for an alternative for quizduell and wasn't disappointed!
    2024-04-04 22:23:53
  • Tolles Quiz mit ein paar interessanten neuen Ideen, z.B. der Möglichkeit, ein paar Kategorien zu blockieren.
    2024-03-31 16:23:16
  • Okay nice
    2024-03-31 07:27:24