Violas Quest: Marble Shooter

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Viola's Quest: Marble Shooter is the ultimate challenging and enchanting zuma-style marble bubble shooter app. With over 3000 classic levels, numerous events, and mini-games, this game takes you on an exciting journey through a beautiful fairytale world. Help Viola save magic by mastering various challenges and become the ultimate marblemaster. Shoot, match, and blast marbles to create combos, earn high scores, and climb the leaderboards. With new content constantly added, magical boosters, and offline play, this free game offers an immersive and addictive gameplay experience. Join the community of marblemasters and embark on this thrilling marble blasting adventure now!

Features of this App:

- 3000+ Challenging Levels: The app offers a large collection of zuma-style marble puzzle levels, ensuring long-lasting gameplay and constant engagement.

- Myriad Events and Mini-games: In addition to the main puzzle levels, the app also includes various events and mini-games, offering diverse gameplay experiences.

- Gorgeous Fairytale World: The game is set in a visually appealing fairytale world, creating an immersive and enchanting environment for the players.

- Boosters and Power-ups: The app provides magical boosters and power-ups to help players blast marbles, climb the leaderboards, and master the game.

- Monthly Themes: Players can enjoy a new fairytale theme every month, adding freshness and variety to the classic marble gameplay.

- Community and Social Features: The app allows players to join tribes with other marblemasters, creating a supportive and interactive community.


Viola's Quest is an engaging and enchanting zuma-style marble bubble shooter game. With its challenging levels, diverse gameplay elements, and mesmerizing fairytale world, the app offers a unique and immersive gaming experience. The inclusion of monthly themes and community features further enhances the appeal of the game, providing long-term engagement for the players. Download Viola's Quest now and embark on the ultimate magical marble puzzle adventure for free!



  • I actually really like the game. I'm giving it only one star because I keep getting cheated out of my gold and lives due to supposed "errors", and despite sending in reports, I have never received any responses. I've spent a considerable amount of money on the game so it frustrates me that I often don't receive what I've purchased in its entirety.
    2024-03-31 17:21:35
  • couldnt play the game at all after the update, the new appearance make it harder to play.
    2024-03-31 16:41:35
  • I love this game. But why does it fail here and there. And it's not accessible for a few days. If I pay to play a game, I expect it to work all the time.
    2024-03-31 16:31:54
  • I love the lightning bug, he's so cute. I love this marble shooting game, the grqphics are amazing!
    2024-03-31 06:26:14
  • It's used to be very fun and addictive playing the games. Free golds watching app doesn't work for 2 days its say No Ads. The level are so difficult to clear " clear all marbles" you need to buy GOLDS to in order to clear the level. Encounter purchase failed 3 times 1/7 & 2/7 purchase not credited but ... my money been deducted from card. message to sign off and reload. Sent in App Games Support on this problem... no response at all. Take money fast but response if nobody working...
    2024-03-30 14:37:05
  • When your playing the regular level it means as if your playing a hard level. And when your playing the hard level as if your playing the most difficult level ever... it will took you weeks to complete and finish a hard level... and they ate not giving the rewards you acquire. Again it is hard.. a little push i will be getting annoy with this game and uninstall this on my phone and never play ot again
    2024-03-29 18:10:04