Merge World Above Magic Puzzle

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Merge World Above Magic Puzzle GAME is a captivating mobile app that takes you into a world filled with dragons, magic, and mythical treasures. Dive into the fantastical realm of sky islands and solve magical puzzles while watching your little dragon grow stronger and hatch into a powerful creature. Collect treasures, amass coins, and explore the land, all while building and merging to create a sky empire. With a unique blend of Viking myths and modern fantasy, this game offers endless possibilities and secrets to uncover. Download now and embark on an enchanting adventure! Follow us on Facebook for updates: Developed by MY.GAMES B.V.

- World of Dragons and Magic: The app offers a unique and immersive world filled with dragons and magic. Users can explore and experience a fantastical kingdom of sky islands and magical puzzles.

- Merge Tiles and Solve Puzzles: Users can match and merge tiles to solve puzzles and progress in the game. As they solve more puzzles, they can watch their little dragon hatch, grow, and become stronger.

- Collect Treasures and Coins: In the game, users can collect treasures and amass coins to further enhance their gameplay. This adds an element of exploration and reward as players navigate through the land.

- Discover Secrets and Uncover Puzzles: There are hidden secrets and additional puzzles to uncover in the app. Users are encouraged to continue playing and exploring to find more challenges and surprises.

- Breed Mighty Creatures: Users can merge eggs to breed powerful and mighty creatures. This feature adds a strategic and interactive element to the gameplay, allowing users to enhance their dragon and make it stronger.

- Build Your Sky Empire: In the World Above, users can build their own sky empire. They can create and expand their kingdom, adding a sense of ownership and progression to the game.


Merge World Above Magic Puzzle GAME offers an enchanting and immersive experience for users who are fans of dragons, magic, and puzzles. With its unique mix of Viking myths and modern fantasy, the app provides an engaging gameplay experience. The ability to hatch, grow, and strengthen a dragon, as well as collect treasures and coins and uncover secrets, further enhances the game's appeal. The merging of eggs to breed creatures and the opportunity to build a sky empire adds a strategic element to the gameplay. Overall, this app is highly entertaining and will attract users who enjoy fantasy-themed puzzle games. Click here to download!



  • I enjoy the game but there was a point where it became super slow. Dragons are always sleeping, you only get 7 "coins" to play the adventure and most islands are worth 6 :/ now the event going on seemed fun until I realized that you have to merge up to a level 5 of the flowers in order to be able to collect the clovers... :(
    2024-04-01 15:21:37
  • I think you should be able to move the screen around and stuff. I'm a special case for this but the top half of my screen is broken, so I can only use my phones stylus on it, but cant use my stylus on your game for some reason. So either or make pan and zoom or allow me to use my stylus
    2024-03-31 13:57:17
  • Was loving it, then..... it keeps crashing, and won't stop. Not letting me go back to the main area and stay there. Keeps kicking me back out to the map. Even less happy now. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I have lost EVERYTHING, the money I spent on it included. Absolute rip off.
    2024-03-31 10:51:38
  • When I try to meet roost, the game crashes. It freezes or it starts skipping, and it is driving me nuts. I love this game but I have cleared the cache and just can not seem to get it to stop. Seems like I am not the only one having the issue of crashing.
    2024-03-29 16:35:04
  • Frustrated is a good word! If I can get it to load it only works for a few minutes then it blanks out and goes to my home screen. And customer service/ IT is a joke so don't even bother. Fix the insane lag and the inability to play because of it and maybe I'll be back.
    2024-03-29 10:56:36
  • Not happy. Had to uninstall game to see if it would help it losing wifi connection. Upon reinstalling the game I have to start right from the beginning losing all my progress and over 3000 diamonds. If it can't be restored back to the level I was at before uninstalling I would like a refund of all money spent over the last month
    2024-03-29 04:52:43