Timpy Doctor Games for Kids

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Welcome to the world of Timpy Doctor Games for Kids! Enter the hospital and experience the excitement of being a doctor. In these free hospital games for kids, you'll play as an ambulance driver, dentist, and more. Take on the role of a doctor and provide the central emergency medical attention that these cute characters need to get better. Customize your ambulance with various wheels, colors, and accessories to make it stand out. Jump over obstacles and race against time to reach the central hospital for emergencies. The games also offer engaging and educational features that improve hand-eye coordination, focus, concentration, and other fine motor skills. Download Timpy Doctor Games for Kids today and embark on this ultimate doctor games adventure where the excitement never ends!

Features of Timpy Doctor Games for Kids:

- Multiple roles to play - The app allows the user to play as a doctor, dentist, and ambulance driver, providing a variety of gameplay options.

- Customizable ambulance - Users can choose different wheels, colors, and accessories to customize their ambulance, making it unique.

- Exciting obstacles - The game includes obstacles on the road that the user must overcome to reach the central hospital in time, adding a level of challenge and excitement.

- Interactive medical treatment - Users can use an X-Ray machine to diagnose and treat various injuries, such as broken bones, in a fun and interactive drag-and-drop game.

- Educational features - The app offers educational games like shadow matching and drag-and-drop that improve hand-eye coordination, logic, reasoning, and fine motor skills, while boosting creativity and imagination.

- Variety of cute characters - The app features a range of cute animal characters that children can play with, enhancing the overall experience.


Timpy Doctor Games for Kids app offers an exciting and interactive experience for children. With multiple roles to play, customizable ambulances, challenging obstacles, and interactive medical treatments, the app provides hours of entertainment. Moreover, the educational features help children develop valuable skills while having fun. With its cute characters and vibrant graphics, this free app is sure to attract users of all ages. Download the Timpy Doctor Games for Kids today and let the adventure begin!