Fashion Princess

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Fashion Princess Game is the perfect app for those who want to unleash their creativity and become the star of the audience! Dress up the girl in any way you want, from her skin to her clothing and background. You can even wear different themed suits like the witch of the Magic Academy or the Snow Queen. After dressing up, take a beautiful artistic photo and post it on MyTwiiiitter to get millions of thumbs up! Accumulate thumbs up to buy items for free. With thousands of clothes and different theme suits, this game offers a realistic gaming experience. Download now and become the heroine!

Features of Fashion Princess:

- Customizable Character: The app allows users to dress up the girl with various clothing options, including skin, clothing, and background. Users can mix and match different items to create unique looks.

- Multiple Selection of Items: The game offers a wide range of items for users to dress up their model from head to toe, including bags and jewelry. Users can choose from different themed suits, such as the witch of the Magic Academy or the Snow Queen.

- Social Media Function: Users can take a picture of their model's beautiful dress and post it on MyTwiiiitter to get thumbs up. The thumbs up can be accumulated and used to purchase items for free.

- Dancing Function: Users can choose a set of exquisite suits for the dancing floor and select a set of dance steps. They can tap the screen to make the girl shine in the center of the dancing floor. Thumbs up gained from dancing can also be used to purchase items.

- Stunning Graphics: The app provides 3D picture quality, exquisite special effects, and a realistic gaming experience. The visuals are designed to be captivating and attractive to users.

- Various Themes: The app offers different theme suits to fulfill users' various dreams and preferences. Whether it's being a princess, a witch, or any other character, the app allows users to explore different identities.


With a wide range of customizable options, a social media function to showcase users' creations, and a dancing feature to engage users, this app provides an interactive and entertaining experience. The stunning graphics and various themes add to the attractiveness of the app. Downloading Fashion Princess allows users to become the heroine and fulfill their fashion and dancing dreams.



  • Not worth the time it looks really nice but I keep getting kicked out of the game everytime I open the app there is also to many ads
    2024-04-01 21:02:26
  • Too bad... I have 2 reasons 1 there is so many ads... 2 when I have played this game for 10 minutes my phone hanged
    2024-04-01 20:02:11
  • Very fun I love the dance challenges,except it has way to many adds and it randomly takes me out of the game
    2024-03-31 15:42:44
  • It's a very nice game but the ad watching button isn't working it says connection error please try again later otherwise it's a nice game
    2024-03-31 06:31:22
  • Everything is good but am reducing one star bcuz its not like the add !! I wish game was just as add ... It really broke my heart but still the game is pretty good i love being engaged in this game
    2024-03-30 15:47:30
  • Oh well then I love this game because this is so fun game and so so much nose but i have a problem and how to click it I don't know how long they I will click the screen but thanks fr this game thank you so much bye!
    2024-03-30 10:52:50