Bubble Shooter:Fruit Splash

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Introducing Bubble Shooter: Fruit Splash, a colorful and addictive game that lets you showcase your matching and shooting skills. With over 2000 levels and various types of gameplay, this time-killing app is perfect for all game lovers. Aim, shoot, and pop all the fruit bubbles while enjoying the excitement of bubble blasts. Challenge yourself and show off your tactics as you progress through levels in this visually stunning and refreshing game. No need for Wi-Fi or cellular connection, play anytime, anywhere. Download now and join the endless fun! Share with friends and family to compete for high scores and enjoy leisure time together. Don't miss out on this entertaining bubble game! Send us your feedback at help@ivymobile.com.

Features of the Bubble Shooter: Fruit Splash Game:

- Colorful and vibrant fruit bubbles: The game features a wide variety of colorful fruit bubbles that make the gameplay visually appealing.

- 2000+ levels and 100+ types of gameplay: The app offers a large number of levels and different types of gameplay, ensuring hours of entertainment for the users.

- Easy to pick up, hard to master: The gameplay is designed to be easy for users to understand and start playing, but it also offers enough challenges to keep them engaged and motivated to improve their skills.

- Offline gameplay: The app doesn't require an internet connection, allowing users to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.

- Stunning visual effects and melodic sounds: The game provides stunning visual effects that enhance the gaming experience and melodic sounds that add to the overall enjoyment.

- Ever-growing variety of interesting gameplay: The app continuously introduces new and interesting gameplay elements, ensuring that users never get bored with the game.


Bubble Shooter: Fruit Splash is a highly engaging game that offers a wide range of features to attract users. With its colorful fruit bubbles, numerous levels, and various types of gameplay, it provides hours of entertainment. The game is easy to pick up, but also offers challenges, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. The offline gameplay, stunning visual effects, and melodic sounds further enhance the gaming experience. With its ever-growing variety of gameplay, the app promises to keep users entertained for a long time.