Fix My Car: Supercar Mechanic

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Fix My Car: Supercar Mechanic is the ultimate mechanics simulator game that allows you to become a supercar mechanic. In this high-tech research and development garage, you can build and fuel a concept car with racing upgrades using high-tech gadgets and robotics. Upgrade and customize your car with no detail spared in this thrilling game. Start with a wrecked prototype and work alongside your rich client to fix and upgrade the car into a beautiful world-class racing concept car. Explore different levels, find hidden objects, and use the highest-quality parts and cutting-edge tools to complete over 120 objectives and upgrades. This game is not only fun but also educational, allowing you to learn more about cars while enjoying the gameplay. Download Fix My Car: Supercar Mechanic now and experience the adventure!

Features of this app:

- Supercar mechanic gameplay: Players can become the ultimate supercar mechanic and build a concept car for high-performance racing.

- High-tech research and development garage: The app provides a virtual garage equipped with high-tech gadgets and robotics to fuel the car with exotic racing upgrades.

- Customization options: Users can upgrade their cars without sparing any part, detail, or custom mod, allowing for a personalized and unique vehicle.

- World-class racing concept cars: Starting with a wrecked prototype, players and their rich clients will work together to fix and upgrade the car to a beautiful, world-class racing concept car.

- Adventure and hidden objects: The app offers different levels to explore, with hidden objects to find and utilize for the car's upgrades.

- Educational aspect: Players can learn about cars while having fun, as the game provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about automotive mechanics.


In conclusion, FixMyCar: Supercar Mechanic GAME offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience for car enthusiasts. With its wide range of features, including a high-tech garage, customization options, and educational elements, this app is sure to attract users who are interested in cars and mechanics. The game's vibrant environments and built-in hint system enhance the overall user experience. To download this exciting app and explore more games by Fire Rabbit, visit their website:



  • Its not cute its the hottest gme in the world about cars.....
    2024-03-31 11:39:21
  • Hate this game the graphics are too low don't waste your data on this game
    2024-03-30 20:11:35
  • I am still installing it I haven't still played it but by looking at the comments I think it's pretty nice I am expecting soon much from this game and I hope it won't disappoint me
    2024-03-30 15:30:13
  • This Game Is My 2016 Childhood! Everyday I Would Check If Firerabbit Made Another Game!
    2024-03-30 08:39:33
  • the game is cool but it's not full so please make it for free
    2024-03-30 07:12:38
  • Good concept, very tiring to play
    2024-03-30 06:14:10