Escape Prison 2 - Adventure

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Introducing Escape Prison 2 - Adventure GAME, the second chapter of the famous escape adventure game. Try to break the code behind the security computers and open the doors to escape the prison. This "Room Escape" puzzle adventure game puts you in the role of a prisoner under close surveillance. With jail guards around you and every exit blocked by computer systems, you must solve riddles, find codes and passwords, and use objects and tools scattered in your cell to unlock bars and doors. Interact with fellow prisoners and see if they can help you figure out the puzzles. If you're ready for a suspenseful and fun jailbreak adventure game, download Escape Prison 2 now!

Features of this App:

- Prison Break Adventure: The app offers a thrilling prison break adventure gameplay where the player must try to break the code behind the security computers and open the doors.

- Objects and Tools: Within the prison cell, there are various objects and tools that the player can find and use to aid in the jailbreak. These objects can be combined or used individually to break the code and open the doors.

- Room Escape Puzzle: The game is a "Room Escape" puzzle adventure, where the player is a prisoner under close surveillance. There are jail guards and computers blocking every exit, and the player must solve riddles to escape from the prison.

- Interactive Environment: The app features an interactive environment where the player can explore the prison, interact with other prisoners, and figure out their intentions to solve puzzles and progress in the game.

- Codes and Passwords: Throughout the jail, there are hidden codes and passwords that the player needs to find and use on the computers to unlock bars and doors, allowing for progress in the jailbreak.

- Suspenseful Gameplay: The app offers suspense and fun gameplay, with the goal of escaping the prison. It provides an immersive experience for players who enjoy adventure games.


Experience the excitement of a prison break adventure in this Room Escape puzzle app. Explore the prison, find objects and tools, solve puzzles, and interact with other prisoners to progress in the game. Utilize codes and passwords to unlock doors and overcome challenges. If you enjoy suspenseful and fun adventure games, give "Escape the Prison 2" a try!