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Introducing Touch Out, the ultimate dodgeball elimination game! Get ready for an exciting and addictive gaming experience that will challenge your skills in the art of dodgeball. With simple yet engaging gameplay, TouchOut is perfect for players of all ages. Tap the screen to shoot the ball and strategically hit the players to send them off the playground. Customize your gaming experience with various dodger skins and keep an eye out for the elusive superball that can turn the tides in your favor. Download TouchOut now and dominate the leaderboard today! Tap, shoot, and conquer the game!

Features of Touch Out:

- Simple yet engaging gameplay: The app offers a simple gameplay mechanic where users just need to tap the screen to shoot the ball, making it easy for players of all ages to enjoy.

- More than 1000 meticulously designed levels: The app provides a vast number of levels, each offering a unique challenge to keep users hooked for hours on end. This ensures that players will always have new and exciting obstacles to overcome.

- Wide variety of dodgers: With over 100 different kinds of dodgers to unlock, the app offers a fascinating collection of characters with varying shapes and designs. This adds a level of customization and personalization to the gaming experience.

- Elusive superball: By hitting players with precision, users can earn the coveted superball. This special ball is bigger than the normal ones, making it easier to eliminate players from the game. The superball adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay.

- Variable player movement speed: The app introduces a dynamic gameplay experience where the speed of the players' movement is variable. Some players may be quick on their feet, making it challenging to reach them. This adds a level of unpredictability and requires players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

- Competitive leaderboard: The app features a leaderboard where users can compete with others for the top spot. This adds a competitive element to the game and motivates players to improve their skills in order to dominate the leaderboard.

In conclusion, Touch Out provides users with endless fun and challenges to test their skills. Download TouchOut now and dive into the thrilling world of dodgeball elimination, challenge yourself, strategize your shots, and aim to become the ultimate dodgeball master! The clock is ticking, and the players are waiting – tap, shoot, and conquer the game today!



  • Fun and addictive! Great mind game fun and passing time never so great
    2024-04-01 07:27:37
  • Great! Love love love this game so enjoy able
    2024-04-01 00:58:37
  • Fun and addictive! Fun but almost too addicting haha
    2024-03-31 22:29:09
  • Very addicting!! This game is a great time waster love it A++
    2024-03-31 06:56:39
  • Love this game! Great game and is easy to play
    2024-03-31 00:11:55
  • So coooooooooooooooool! it's good and trains you how to focusing well
    2024-03-29 22:40:03