Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game

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Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game is a fast-paced cooking game where you'll play as a chicken porridge seller and aim to become a world-class chicken porridge restaurant owner! With 200 levels, this addictive game allows you to cook porridge, mix it with toppings, and upgrade and manage your skills as you serve as many customers as possible. Experience the rush of this unique food dash game and become the best chicken porridge restaurant owner. With simple and precise tap and swipe controls, Google achievements, and the ability to load progress onto other devices, Bubur Ayam Rush is easy to play but hard to master. Download now and get cooking!

Features of Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game:

- Total of 200 levels: The app offers a large number of levels to keep players engaged and entertained.

- Fast-paced cooking food management game: The game provides a fast-paced gameplay experience where players need to cook porridge, mix it with toppings, and serve as many customers as possible.

- Upgrade and manage toppings and skills: Players have the ability to upgrade and manage their toppings and skills as they progress in the game.

- Simple, precise fast-paced Tap and Swipe control: The app offers easy-to-use controls that allow players to quickly and accurately serve customers.

- Google achievement and saved games: The app supports Google achievements and saved games, allowing players to track their progress and load it onto other devices.

- Bonus stage and rewards: The app features a bonus stage and rewards that players can earn by sharing the app via Facebook.


Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game supports Google achievement and saved games, providing a seamless gaming experience across multiple devices. Additionally, the bonus stage and rewards add an extra layer of excitement to the game. Experience the thrill of running a world-class chicken porridge restaurant by downloading Bubur Ayam Rush now.



  • Lucu gamesnya cuma terlalu lama reload kerupuk ayam dll biar penuh lagi
    2024-04-08 09:07:13
  • Nice
    2024-04-08 04:35:10
  • Sukaaa bgt gamenyaaa. Bikin gemes
    2024-04-06 23:41:01
  • Pas bagian mau cuci mangkok kok agak susah ya sabun sma sponnya digerakin
    2024-04-05 15:39:39
  • Mantab... bikin nagih gamenya
    2024-04-04 11:55:46
  • I'm enjoy
    2024-04-03 09:16:41