Jewel Puzzle-Merge game

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Introducing Jewel Puzzle, the fun and addictive merge game for Android! Slide the Jewel blocks to create horizontal lines with no gaps and eliminate them. Train your brain and get high scores by merging as many jewels as possible in one line. Use various props to help you achieve even higher scores. With colorful jewels and cool explosion effects, this free classic game can be played online or offline. Exercise your brain with the added feature of sorting games. Download Jewel Puzzle now and share the fun with friends and family!

Features of this app:

- Jewel Sliding Puzzle: This app offers a fun and simple jewel sliding puzzle game that is addictive and easy to play. Players need to slide jewel blocks to create horizontal block lines with no gaps. When such a line is created, it is eliminated, allowing players to earn high scores.

- Brain Training: Playing this game not only provides the joy of puzzle solving but also helps in training and exercising the brain. It requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to merge the jewels and create high-scoring lines.

- Variety of Props: The app offers a variety of props to help players achieve higher scores. These props can be used strategically to eliminate more blocks at once, thus earning higher scores.

- Offline Gameplay: This app can be played both online and offline, providing flexibility for users to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. This makes it convenient for users who do not have access to the internet at all times.

- Colorful Jewel and Cool Explosion Effects: The app boasts vibrant and colorful jewels, creating an engaging visual experience for players. Additionally, it features cool explosion effects when lines are eliminated, adding excitement to the game.

- Additional Classic Game: The app comes with an extra classic game called Block Puzzle. This game combines elements of the 1010 game, gem block game, and gem sorting puzzle game. It offers a different gameplay experience for users.


If you are looking for a free and addictive jewel sliding puzzle game, this app is definitely worth downloading. With its easy-to-understand gameplay and brain-training elements, it provides an enjoyable experience for users of all ages. The ability to play offline and the inclusion of an additional classic game make it even more appealing. So, don't wait any longer and click the download button to start merging jewels and earning high scores in this fun and challenging game.