Jewels Jungle

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Jewels Jungle is an addictive casual game set in a mysterious jungle filled with secrets and rewards. The objective is to match up elements of the same color on the game board, using typical "match 3" controls. Clear each level by matching at least three like-elements and earn points displayed on the screen. With each level, you'll discover helpful objects to destroy multiple blocks in one move. The game features an updated interface that fully immerses you in the dangerous and captivating jungle. Experience the thrill of Jewels Jungle and uncover the hidden treasures it holds. Download now!

Features of this app:

- Match3 gameplay: Players need to match three or more elements of the same color to make them disappear from the game board.

- Jungle theme: The game takes place in a jungle, which adds an adventurous and mysterious atmosphere to the gameplay.

- Multiple levels: There are different levels to progress through, each with its own challenges and rewards.

- Power-ups and special objects: Players can encounter objects that help them destroy multiple blocks with a single move, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

- Score tracking: The player's score is displayed in the upper part of the screen, allowing them to track their progress and compete with others.

- Achievement summary: At the end of each level, players receive a summary of their achievements, motivating them to continue playing and unlocking new challenges.


Jewels Jungle is a captivating and immersive casual game that offers a gameplay similar to Candy Crush but with a unique jungle theme. The match3 gameplay mechanics, multiple levels, power-ups, and score tracking keep players engaged and motivated. The updated interface enhances the overall experience, making it a must-try for those who enjoy puzzle games. Click the link to download and embark on a journey through the mysterious and dangerous jungle.



  • I love playing this game I cannot stop playing I am 66 years old and I fall asleep playing it when I wake up I on again I cannot stop playing this game I love this game
    2024-03-31 16:27:50
  • Fast paced and challenging
    2024-03-30 21:05:36
  • very enjoyable, however there are a few games in the mid to high four hundreds that don't make sense.the items needed don't drop down into the playing area until you have very few shots left. making it impossible to win the game. one I have played 42 times.
    2024-03-30 14:02:53
  • Just started playing but no problems so far. Hopefully it gets a little harder as it progresses. The first few have been a little easy other than that I really am enjoying the game. 9-08-23 am still playing and enjoying it!!
    2024-03-30 00:04:29
  • it's all right to pass the time away but it's not like the original
    2024-03-29 06:00:48
  • It's okay, like most match games, it controls the out come. For once I like to play a game, where I am in control. You do really well as long as you keep the money coming in.
    2024-03-29 03:32:57