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Welcome to Meow Tower, the game that combines the thrill of building a cozy house for stray cats with the relaxation of nonogram puzzles. As you adopt numerous cats and fill your tower with adorable decorations, you'll be immersed in endless fun and hilarious content. Start by buying a house and decorating it while progressing through challenging puzzle stages. The nonogram puzzles will test your creativity and intelligence as you fill in squares to reveal a complete picture. With different levels to progress through, you'll unlock new stories and have fun collecting cosmetic items. Download Meow Tower now to enjoy the perfect blend of puzzle gameplay and adorable cat decoration!

Features of Meow Tower:

- Building a Cozy House for Stray Cats:

Meow Tower allows players to create a cozy house for stray cats. Players can adopt numerous cats and gradually build up the house's furnishings and decorations.

- Nonogram Puzzle Adaptation:

The game incorporates nonogram puzzles as a way to progress and decorate the house. Players can immerse themselves in the puzzle stages and enjoy the relaxation and fun it brings.

- Appealing Aesthetics:

Meow Tower's visually appealing aesthetics attract players from the start. The pleasant appearance of the house naturally attracts more pets, making it even more enjoyable to decorate.

- Challenging Gameplay:

The game offers challenging gameplay for those seeking a challenge. Players must complete various puzzles to unlock new decorations and make the house more vibrant.

- Progression through Puzzle Levels:

Players are presented with huge squares divided into smaller squares. By carefully selecting and coloring the corresponding squares based on provided numbers, players can gradually complete the puzzles and reveal the full image.


Meow Tower is a captivating game that combines the joy of building a house for stray cats with the strategic puzzle-solving of nonogram gameplay. Its attractive aesthetics and challenging aspects make it an engaging experience for players. With the combination of cute animals, relaxation elements, and the ability to create a beautiful house, Meow Tower offers a tranquil and enjoyable gaming experience. Click here to download and start your journey of building a refuge for lovely stray cats.



  • I really want to rate this highly, because it's a really cute game and I've been having a lot of fun, but the ads REALLY destroy the experience; I'm totally fine with free games having ads, but the ones in this game are INCREDIBLY invasive, actually popping up and making OTHER APPS open in the middle of the game! I hope the ads will be less intrusive in the future :( EDIT: they removed the ability to get daily free pencils from the shop, ads only now; bumping it down another star
    2024-03-30 15:22:16
  • Like the game and theme and all well enough, and always happy for more nonograms, but I can't say the same about the increase in ads. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's suddenly a bunch of ads between puzzles despite the main ads in the past just being the pencil ones, so I can't say that I'm given a good feeling of the possibility of even more being added at some point
    2024-03-30 02:10:31
  • The puzzles are fun & perfect for when I want something to do, but the real perks of this game shine in the cats, their different personalities, and the sense of progression with furniture. The artstyle is gorgeous and the gameplay feels very polished. Updated my review as previously the ads weren't bad however they're now much more obtrusive occurring between levels and now play sound, which completely disrupts enjoying the game.
    2024-03-29 23:20:50
  • super cute game! explained the instructions very well. very little ads. I have not been able to put this game down since I downloaded it. devs did a wonderful job! my only "complaint" I run out of pencils (which are like energy) so fast because I can't stop doing the puzzles lol and I am so impatient to wait for one to refill, which only takes about 5-6 minutes. I normally never do any reviews, but I definitely felt the need to give this game 5 stars!
    2024-03-29 20:55:59
  • This is my fav game right now!! This game is what taught me how to do nonograms and it's fun and simple! This game in yet to let me down and I love it! All the cats you get to meet have their own personality and it's fun when you get to choose what to say too! The ads aren't horrible and all over the place like in other games, I would recommend this game for anyone who likes puzzles or just wants to try something new!!
    2024-03-29 14:14:54
  • I respect the developers a lot for making this game the way they did. It's great for casually doing a few puzzles in spare time! Building the cat tower is an objective that, if not treated like a grind, is fun and wholesome. I love the cats' personalities. Also, neither ads nor in-app purchases are really pushed in your face; I'll usually only get one video ad every 2 days or so. I really love this game. Highly recommend!
    2024-03-28 08:15:49