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Introducing Pikku Kakkonen! Come and play with us! Developed specifically for children under school age, this app offers a delightful and engaging play experience with a variety of challenging mini-games. Explore and rejoice in the world of Little Two alongside the famous characters. Rest assured, the app is secure with no external website links and does not require an internet connection to work. The application also values privacy, measuring usage anonymously. Additionally, it allows saving drawings to the device image gallery. We are constantly working on improving the app and welcome feedback to make it even better for your little ones. Don't forget to catch Little Two on YleTV2 every morning at 6:50 and in the evenings at 17:00. You can also find Little Two's programs at Children's Arena. Click here to download the app now and let the fun begin!

Features of Pikku Kakkonen:

- Unhurried play: The app offers a relaxed and leisurely play experience for young children. It allows them to explore and engage in various activities at their own pace.

- Challenging mini-games: The app includes challenging mini-games that help children develop cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination.

- Famous characters from Little Two: The app features well-known characters from the Little Two show, which can attract children who are already familiar with them and make the experience more enjoyable.

- Secure: The app ensures a safe environment for children by not including any links to external websites. This ensures that children are not exposed to potentially harmful content.

- No internet connection required: The app functions without the need for an internet connection, allowing children to enjoy the app anywhere, even without access to Wi-Fi.

- Security and privacy: The app measures application usage anonymously to prioritize user privacy. Additionally, any drawings created within the app are saved directly to the device's image gallery, ensuring no footage is sent from the device.

In conclusion, Pikku Kakkonen provides a fast, positive, and secure play experience for young children. With its famous characters, challenging mini-games, and offline functionality, this app is a great choice for parents looking to provide both entertainment and education for their little ones. Download now and let your child explore the world of the app!



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