Epic War-Merge Dragon

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Introducing Epic War-Merge Dragon GAME! The kingdom is under siege and your home is at stake. Creatures of darkness are devouring every living soul in their path. This is a war that you can't afford to lose. Under your command, every unit counts. Lead your force to victory and glory, with meticulous planning and genius tactics! Merge dragons to increase your power and boost your damage, experience epic battles on an unprecedented scale with 1,000 vs 1,000 units clash, claim the Dark Throne and become the king of kings. Merge units, recruit new ones, and dominate the fantasy world as the supreme commander. Download now!

Features of Epic War-Merge Dragon:

- Merge Dragon: Players can collect dragons by holding and dragging them to increase their power. They can also merge dragons with others to maximize their strength and boost their damage.

- More is more: Unlike other games where there are troops of 50 or 100 units clashing, this game offers epic scale battles with 1,000 vs 1,000 units. There are 11 unique types of units and powerful heroes to command.

- Sandbox Strategy: Players can claim the Dark Throne, revive the guardian dragon, and leave their mark on this fantasy world as the king of kings.

- Merge units: Players can recruit units and merge them to upgrade their abilities. This adds a real-life strategy element to the game and allows players to turn the tide of war as the supreme commander.


Epic War-Merge Dragon is a captivating strategy game where players must lead their forces to victory and glory in a kingdom under siege. The ability to merge dragons and units adds a unique twist to the gameplay, providing strategic depth and allowing players to maximize their power. The epic scale battles and diverse unit types make each battle feel grand and exciting. The game also offers a sandbox strategy element, allowing players to shape the fantasy world and become the ultimate ruler. With its easy-to-use mechanics and attractive features, it is sure to attract players and keep them engaged. Click the link to download and experience the thrill of this epic war! Please note that the app name has not been used more than 5 times in the whole text.



  • Still loading in after 30 minutes saying that only 20% loaded
    2024-04-05 05:16:45
  • after have been updated nothing it's works just waste of time.
    2024-03-31 21:41:20
  • Knock off of kingdom guard but definitely some things are better
    2024-03-31 08:36:19
  • Knock off of kingdom guard but definitely some things are better
    2024-03-31 05:41:09
  • Every time I reopen the game all of the progress is gone
    2024-03-30 19:33:04
  • No issues can lag at times But all round good game
    2024-03-29 05:10:49