Driving School Tycoon

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Introducing "Driving School Tycoon", a super casual idle game where you manage a driving school. Your mission is to build and expand your driving empire by hiring skilled instructors, increasing your income, and expanding your facilities. But that's not all - you can even open an excavator school to venture into the world of construction. Experience the thrill of running a successful driving school by hiring and training competent instructors, attracting more students, and boosting your revenue. Upgrade your facilities wisely to accommodate a growing number of learners. Test your skills with realistic driving exams and an exciting excavator version of the popular game. Get ready to navigate the road to success in "Driving School Tycoon". Are you ready to become the ultimate driving school tycoon? Click to download now!

Features of the app:

- Manage a driving school: The app allows users to take on the role of managing a driving school, where they can build and expand their driving empire.

- Hire skilled instructors: Users can hire competent instructors to provide top-notch driving lessons, attracting more students and boosting revenue.

- Upgrade facilities: The app offers the opportunity to invest wisely in upgrading facilities such as classrooms and driving tracks to accommodate a growing number of learners.

- Mini-games: Users can challenge themselves with mini-games that simulate realistic driving exams, providing a fun and interactive experience.

- Excavator school: The app even allows users to venture into the world of construction by opening an excavator school, adding variety and excitement to the gameplay.

- Road to success: Users can navigate the road to success in the game, testing their skills and aiming to become the ultimate driving school tycoon.


"Driving School Tycoon" is a super casual idle game that offers a unique and immersive experience of managing a driving school. With its diverse features such as hiring skilled instructors, upgrading facilities, and engaging in mini-games, the app provides an exciting and challenging gameplay for users. Whether users enjoy the realism of driving exams or the variety of opening an excavator school, this app caters to a wide range of interests. Overall, "Driving School Tycoon" promises a fun and addictive experience for users who are looking to become the ultimate driving school tycoon.



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