World Quiz: Geography games

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Explore the world and enhance your geography knowledge with World Quiz, a captivating app that challenges you to guess different countries, cities, and flags from photos. Whether you're a jetsetter or planning your next adventure, this map quiz is perfect for you! With engaging educational games, you can become a geo expert and learn fascinating facts about various regions. Guess the world's cuisine and flags, answer trick questions like the continent without ants or the country where a thumbs-up is an insult. Play offline, participate in online tournaments, and climb the global rankings. Join your family in the cities quiz and become a geography whiz with World Quiz!

Features of World Quiz: Geography games:

❤️ Guess different countries, cities, and flags: The app challenges users to identify various countries, cities, and flags through photos.

❤️ Educational games for travelers and geo experts: The app is designed for those who love to travel and want to enhance their geographical knowledge.

❤️ Geography questions and answers: Users can test their knowledge and become experts in geography by answering questions about different countries and their locations.

❤️ World cuisine guessing game: Users are shown pictures of various cuisines from around the world and need to guess their origin.

❤️ Participate in online tournaments and global rankings: Users have the opportunity to compete with other players worldwide and climb the global rankings.

❤️ Offline and online game modes: The app can be played both offline and online, providing flexibility and convenience for users.


World Quiz is a fun and interactive app that allows users to test their geographical knowledge. Whether you're a frequent traveler or a geography enthusiast, this app offers various game modes, including guessing countries, cities, flags, and cuisines from photos. Improve your expertise by answering geography questions and participate in global tournaments to see how you stack up against other players. Download this educational app now and become a geo expert while having fun!



  • Many repeat questions and answers
    2024-03-29 16:43:49
  • Love this game!
    2024-03-28 08:21:07
  • get more details on famous sites
    2024-03-27 23:10:47
  • Enjoying it and gets your brain to think
    2024-03-27 21:01:37
  • Very good game for gk.
    2024-03-27 19:43:37
  • Does. Not give lives won or gifts but coviently allows no thanks
    2024-03-27 10:12:43